Mili Mishra .

Such an irony that a person working in corporate earning 2 lakh Rs. per month is considered more successful than an entrepreneur earning Rs. 1 lakh AND paying salaries to 15-20 people.

Although I am no one to compare people's life journeys, there is literally no comparison of success...

Also, same people who say, "Startup me kyu job liya, TCS me job nai lagi kya?" #facepalm

"You can only be settled by taking a high paying job"

"Why do you want to work so much when you can take Aaraam ki Naukri"

Conversations that teach you patience 🥴

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Sam Rahman

The definition of success is relative. There is a collective definition of success defined by a community we live and a personal definition of success from our personal goals. So the most accurate definition should be a combination of both.

Hence a person earning 1 crore a month and paying salaries for others is more successful than all you mentioned :P

Mili Mishra

Sam Rahman Exactly, there's no absolute definition of success. Infact everytime someone says they are good at something, I am reminded of this joke, - however good you think you are at something, there's always an Asian kid who can beat you 🤣

Amit Ghosh

Depends. Money cannot be ignored nor self-satisfaction. Time defines the moment and so makes it appropriate according to age and period we live in. Both has its own pros and cons, everyone cannot take the heat nor that everyone who tries will become an entrepreneur, no, not possible. Optimism is fine but "saab saab kam ke liye nahi hote" . Time settles the dust, let the wind blow your "mind" now. Saab ka time aata hai...aabhi sonu nigam and alka yagnik so saab bhul gaye hai...Patience rakho...

Prakhar Bhardwaj

everyone has their own standards of success - money being the lowest of the lot and hence the most common one too!

they probably haven't met someone who can be okay with normal earnings for the sake of some higher objective.

Stick that middle finger out and keep on moving. The more you pay heed to them, the stronger they feel they are.

[Edit] Success is a myth btw, since it can't be defined objectively

Mili Mishra

Prakhar Bhardwaj Success is make-believe, as it's definition is super subjective. Thanks for your encouragement 😊 words don't get to me easily, (what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger I guess 💪) but I share this as I believe that talking about emotions is healthy and it can only do good for the mental health of individuals in this group to see positivity from peers like you :)

Sayon Mondal

Every people have their own perspective and "story" based on which see the world. The factors which pop up in my mind at the moment for people seeking an established organisation are better pay, more security, comparatively easier work life rather than founding or working at startup. It's best to try both options if they have an opportunity and decide which suits one the most rather than reaching a decision after listening to people.

Both have their shares of pros and cons, so better to go with an open mind and decide.

Mili Mishra

I agree, both sides have their pros and cons and what you choose depends on who you are and what you like. If given the option, certainly it's best to explore options and then decide :) Everyone's heart ticks for different things, and it's important to find out what it is!

Aditya Khanduri

According to René Girard’s Mimetic theory, most human desire is imitative. In other words, a man unknowingly rates the desirability of an object on its perceived value to others. He wants the object because he feels it is desirable, since others want it too. Most humans rely on models to understand who and what to desire.

The good news is that though most of humanity is that way, the world rewards contrarian thinkers.

Apurva Raj

More on mimetic behaviour - Poor people try to mimic behaviour of rich people. It is never never the other way around. All the mass behaviours come from rich people.

Shivam Malhotra

Well Idgaf to such people but being a 23 year old entrepreneur who hasnt been an employee ever,I hardly meet people telling me this.People do question me about my decision of rejecting a B school admission offer but again idgaf! It was my call and I've never questioned it in the last 2 years.

I'm sure this mostly happens with those who left swanky jobs for a startup because the definition of success in this stupid society is still a sarkaari naukri or a high paying corporate job.

As someone pointed out above,stay away from these people.They are toxic in nature,they'll poison you.

Mili Mishra

Oh, that one is another gem :D Because apparently MBA will solve all your problems and give you the dream life that everyone expects of you. Glad to see you are able to dust off these remarks easily :) My mantra for such advice is: avoid when possible, ignore when not

Hitesh Awtaney

This isn't about patience actually.

People will evaluate success based on things that are already proven.

Think about it, if you have to change your thought process to recognise one person's success versus the other, you would go with what makes more sense to you, right?

Also, as a side note, why should someone be viewed as more successful if they take home 1 lakh when they can take home 2 lakh?

I don't think any entrepreneur wants more points just for being an entrepreneur.

Maybe society views success at operating at your highest potential.

Or maybe making more money for less work is indeed a clearer indication of success than having to fight for each rupee!

Mili Mishra

Hitesh Awtaney I agree with your point that society evaluates success of things that are proven, so can't really change anything there, unless we change what gets proven 👍(Most) societies are not evolved to the point of viewing success at operating at your highest potential or else the artists, scientists and educators might have gotten the recognition and life they deserve :) I simply expect people to understand that different individuals choose different paths to happiness, and this one's mine. It might be unfair to expect this from a society where definitions are somewhat rigid, but a girl can dream, can't she? :D

Hitesh Awtaney

Glad that you discussed about artists and educators as well :)

I feel we are getting slightly better now with people understanding and appreciating different paths more than even 5 years back. Let's hope it only gets better :)

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