Sathish CP .

India could lead the post-COVID world, says billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban!

There are opportunities in India & its high time for us to leverage it!

Maybe you didn't believe it when your fellow Pushstarters said that!

But you gotta consider that when you hear it from this guy, who had proven to be smart in the past!

Look for ways to thrive & not just survive!

On a macro level,

I feel there are a few sectors like healthcare, Industrial IoT & Automation etc,

which are just waiting to explode & the current crisis is gonna only gonna make the adoption faster!

On tier -2 & 3 industries level, there's big money to be made

considering the imports of key mechanical & electronic components are gonna be stalled for a while!

And the govt measures to be self-reliant is a boost to such industries!

What's your outlook WRT the opportunities in India?

Leave your thoughts in the comments!

PS: He was also quoted saying: "If you're a 14- or 16-year-old, start learning about ambient voice software like Alexa and Google Home, build on those solutions"

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Alan Yeap

Unfortunately, Vietnam now is leading after China. From quality to quantity to speed to hunger of the people.

Piyush Suri

this is true

Sathish CP

Trying to leverage the most out of the opportunities!

Mayanc Sood

Well, what you need to pay attention to is the fact that the question was asked by an Indian journalist. So, I am not surprised by his response.

Sathish CP

haha, didn't know that! But the opportunities are for real!

Akshay Agarwal

For that to happen, our infrastructure has to get a significant boost to be able to build the manufacturing units along with favourable changes made in land and labour reforms which will improve the ease of doing business in India and only then we canexpect the foreign companies to set up their manufacturing units in India. Demand is there, now it's all upto us and the govt if we can take the necessary steps to capture the demand.

Sathish CP 

Well said! Thanks

Deepanjan Datta

 It will never ever happen.

Vijay Manjunath

I totally agree, and our recent hiring reflects that mood & also the incoming team members believe in the vision we have for ourselves post lockdown.

Let's fight COVID 19, head on.

Deepanjan Datta

I dont understand why economic times publishes all these non-sense news. These kinds of news do not have any basis. Indian people started thinking that many companies will leave China and come to India. But that will never ever happen. They can go to Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, or, Bangladesh. They will never ever come to India because of all these bogus non-sense stuffs done by Indian govt.

Arokya Inian

Indonesia has bagged quite a few manufacturing relocations from China

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