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What to say when a person is training about personal Branding, itself uses the paid likes technique to mislead audience?

A page having less than 300 likes and average post likes are below 10, how can only 2 sales post have 600+ likes?

"People adding 30k users on LinkedIn will automatically gets 30k followers" is a fact that many don't understand and fall into the fancy of people showing off 30k followers.

The point of branding happens when you create visible impact.

Visible or can be showcased based cases.

The number of messages after the post to thank about the impact the audience have is a very good symbol.

Articles getting picked by LinkedIn editors on a regular basis is also a good symbol of influence.

Digital to real benefit or conversion is an influence.

With followers to following ratio above 1 or 1.5 is small sign of influence.

I don't have enough understanding on Facebook page or Branding on Facebook and thus have 600+ likes (all organic) but a consistent 10-30% audience engaging.

But with LinkedIn with a fair time, I understood the kinds of brand one can create and the impact or influence one can do.

If I have to give my stats (to add a small credibility to my post)-

🏆1million+ monthly views.

✔️12k+ average views last month.

✔️4 times post being picked by LinkedIn editors.

✔️7.5k LinkedIn daily profile views (highest being 100k/day around)

✔️1300+ weekly average profile searches (highest being 42k/week)

✔️150k views on my video posts (3)

✔️1000+ average video views

💰2 Entire Fund raisers done in less than one day via LinkedIn network.

✔️One LinkedIn blog picked up by HPAIR - The Harvard College Project for Asian and International Relations (Harvard conference) on fundraising and sent to 10k+ people worldwide.

📃One LinkedIn post got viral in 2014.

📃Data science blog post got me a Collab with an International company.

🕶️More than 1000 renowned influencers like Garyvee, Piyush Goyal, Amit Ranjan (co-founder of slide Share), etc in network.

⚠️All this with less than 30k connections.

My current connection count is 17k around.

And many more things. (Restricting here for length)

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