Piyush Soni .

Would a business grow faster selling new products to existing customers or by selling existing products to new customers?

Looking at the current pandemic situation, what do you think would be a better strategy to grow your business?

Is it by focussing on existing customers or acquiring new ones?

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Rajesh Garg

Looking at the current scenerio, I think focussing more on existing custumers rather than new product seems a good option!

Piyush Soni

Why do you think so?

Rajesh Garg

Because real money is actually in existing customers, they have crossed the trust barrier as well as more willing to buy!

Deepak Singh

If currently you have only a single product, steady flow of new customers is a good thing! Obviously focussing on the existing customers is a necessary thing!

Agni Chatterjee

Sales is the fuel that that keeps the business running very important part but the engine is equally important. Also secotorally some sectors are fuel heavy

Shaju Nair

There are only 2 ways to grow your business. Selling to more customers (width selling) and selling more to the same customer ( depth selling). Both are good strategies. For long term benefits, you should increase the customer base by selling to more people. In this kind of pandemic, if finding new customers is difficult, upsell the existing customers.

Piyush Soni

So basically more focussing on the customers rather than product?

Shaju Nair

Both important. Customer is critical. If you build customer base, you can sell any product to them. Anybody can build/ improvise your product. At that point, you will survive only because of your customer base

Surender T Natarajan

It is usually really difficult to find a new customer segment esp. for a small company. So it is advisable to sell new products to the same customer segment.

Geet Kiran Aneja

Do both. There isn't a phrase called "enough sales for the day". So do both. That is why I love capitalism.:P

Rahul Rajvanshi

One of walks out with maximum number of customers during this pandemic will win. Do whatever it takes to ensure that

Sathish CP

If acquiring new customers for your existing product is an accelerator then Offering incremental value to existing customers can act as a booster.

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