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Just as KILLER CONTENTS doesn’t kill you actually, BLOG WRITING too isn’t what you think it to be.







Recently a client approached me who owned an Explainer Video company and wanted me to write Blogs for them.

The first question I asked is, ”What do you want to achieve through a BLOG?”

The question might sound silly, but actually, it isn’t.

When we talk about Blogs, they can be harnessed for pretty much anything from driving traffic to getting a direct response.

So as a writer, I needed to know what he wants to achieve through BLOGs.

He is the owner of the company, but he still asked me to suggest him, and I went on explaining him.

"Blogs can have numerous intent. If you want to get quick ranks and local visibility, you can order short Blogs of say 500-700 words which are mostly nothing but word stuffed muffins.

They are primarily targeted to get local rank and can act as filler contents for your site.

If you want to give out information or help people gain knowledge, then blogs of at least 1000 words should be your choice.

These kinds of blogs are aimed in providing information thereby pulling and pinning readers down till the end and finally compelling them to get added to your email list for getting more such informational content straight in their mailbox.

These are helpful as lead magnets of course.

If your primary aim is to drive traffic, then you need to aim at meaty pieces of 1500+ words, with proper keyword distribution.

Google loves content, and so it will drive traffic if it finds your article worthy of it.

But yes there’s one more type of BLOG. A hybrid of all of the above. How?”, I went on-

If we can fetch some topics that are informational and can be related to your services with a promotional tone, it will be a hybrid of all!

As a result, we worked on the f]irst topic, i.e., ‘Top 10 best Explainer video companies in India’.

I kept the client’s company in rank one and added ‘Winner of the race’ subheading, where I made my client’s company, the Winner.

What happened here?

  1. It became a blog stuffed with local keywords like ‘explainer video companies in Bangalore’ etc.
  2. It became informational (Info about the best explainer video companies in India)
  3. It became a blog of 1500+ words, making it a Blog that will drive traffic.
  4. It became promotional as well by the addition of ‘Winner of the race’ subheading.

These small tweaks can really impact the performance of your blog if you’re especially an agency owner.

Did you ever think about how Blogs perform? Do you want to know how an informational blog can help you generate warm leads?

If yes, comment below and I will present a detailed post on how a Blog can bring in quality warm leads.

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