Vanshi Mehta .

Many many people believe they are branding right
They put out content on social, write blogs and do all the necessary things,
and believe branding hogaya 🤩

But nope
Let me tell you why that’s all a marketing activity and not branding

➡️ branding activities are targeted towards increasing customer lifetime value (and loyalty)
➡️ branding activities can be measured by the increase in inbound traffic to a site or page
➡️ branding activities move the ticker very very slow and is an extremely ‘give-first’ relationship
➡️ branding activities will show a high repeat customer value

There are many many more ways to separate branding from marketing activities

I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts on the same

As always, reachable here or on LinkedIn to discuss and debate.

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Meena Jain

How to brand mam.
Can u guide me.
I really need some suggestions.
I have a kurtis boutique. My design are unique and quality is too good. My pricing is not high. But I don't get many leads. Plz help me with your suggestions.

Vanshi Mehta

show your customers how they benefit and what they will feel when they wear your outfits!

Meena Jain 

thanks mam

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