Vishnu Vardhaan .

During a recent interaction with budding startup founders, I got regularly asked the same question:

"How do I raise money for my startup?" 🤷‍♂

I asked them, "Why do you need the money?"

"To build a team, to have an office, to build the solution . . . "



"That's all?"

"Yes. I have an idea, and I'm looking for funds to bring it to market."

"Well, you don't need the money." I said. 💁‍♂


Yes. You need a website. Its available for less than hundred dollars.

You need an office. You already live in one. Your home.

You need a team. You already have it. Your contact list.

You need customers. You get it on social media for free.

You don't need investments. You need persistence. 🤫

A lot of people today keep looking out for investments, and seed money and VCs.

They forget to put in the work and let their dreams die once they try approaching ten seed fund companies and get rejected.

That's the problem with people today who want to startup for the glamor.

They hear news and see people raising millions of dollars in funding and think they deserve it all too.

Customers are your investors. Period.

Focus on giving them the very best you can.

Everything else will arrive, in time.

What do you think? Do you agree?

Leave a comment below 👇

P. S: By the way, I run two bootstrapped companies earning over 5 crores in revenue annually, so I'm talking from personal experience.
And, I've never raised investment.

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Abhishek Gupta

People only want to imitate the good and lucrative part. They are neither aware of the hard part behind it nor are they ready to actually do it.

Vishnu Vardhaan

 yes, that's so true. 💯

John Kingsley Salamon

Very true, cant agree more.

Everyone is sold on three dreams and it's effects rather on focusing at the task and efforts required immediately

Vishnu Vardhaan

yes. True. 💯

Soham Sarkar

Sorry to play the devil's advocate but this is so reductive and simplistic.

Ya home office I get but why will anyone in your contact list work for you for free?

Ya customers are on social media but so are millions or other companies bidding for their clicks so to get traction you will need to spend on ads and partnerships.

The days of having a "startup" with just a website is long gone. You need lateral applications, extensions and add-ons, premium APIs and what not.

What about R&D? Deep tech and hardware startups? Defense and security startups?

Your post is good if someone is making an ecom store or some drop shipping thing and even very lightweight apps and widgets and not for building a viable B2B or scalable B2C startups.

I agree chasing VC money for the sake of it is stupid, but disregarding it since it's beyond crucial is also not a good idea. A lot of startups need capital, period.

Rahul Rajvanshi

I so wanted to comment this. But then I realised this is a content created for the sake of content creation

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