Rajesh Garg .

India got its New education policy after 34 years!

Among the major changes in the revision of the NEP, is the extension of the right to education to cover all children between three and 18 years of age.

The policy also proposes:

  • Vocational education implementation
  • Schooling with internships
  • A change to the 10+2 schooling structure

The government has claimed that NEP 2020 will bring two crores, out-of-school children, back into the mainstream.🔥

What do you think about this new education system? Would we be able to match other foreign countries?

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Deepak Singh

Sure this is a big step but I did'nt liked the mother language been implemented till 5th!

Rajesh Garg

I think choice is given between first language and mother tongue!

Tools Titian

Nothing Se better Something Hai

Piyush Soni

Indeed a good step! But some more changes could also be implemented!

Rajesh Garg

Ok and what are they, can you give some examples?

Piyush Soni

May be some subjects related to meditation and yoga! Things related to mental health!!

Rushikesh Thawale

Yes. Let's hope they bring more changes in the coming years. Finally, something good happened to our education system.

Rajesh Garg

Yeah for sure this is a good thing! At least all those criticism that govt was getting for education system would now vanish !

Lilesh Jadav

Will be very good for our future generations !

Kaushal Vira Sovani

Some parents have voluntarily opted for homeschooling. Hope the new policy has space for parenta to choose from.

Rajesh Garg

I think it's not added now but may be in future they would add this!

Abhishek Avikk Gupta

Indeed its a great policy !!

Following things that has been expected from Indian education system after #NEP2020:-

1) Students can learn various Life-Skills that are required to succed in this competitive space.

2) Students can choose Subjects based on what interests them the most and build their career.
E.g introduction to vocational coarses like photography ,painting,singing etc will be promoted at levels.

3) Numerous *Job Opportunities* will be created for educators as schools will be hiring skilled personalities to teach various life skills or in -demand industry coarses.

A National Committee is being formed to provide proper training to the schools teachers as well as new educators .

Rajesh Garg

Yes indeed!

Rohit Agarwal

Like it or not, #NEP2020 is the most significant reform for India and I think, if implemented properly, we will produce more employable students coming out of universities in times to come.

Anand Soni

Exactly...I think so. Some may find shortcomes in this. But we have to remember that this policy was on process since 2018. So I am sure IASs have think it through. Its a major reform that happened to india under Modi Govt.

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