Aayush Poddar .

Hey guys!
Those who are into E-commerce I. have a few questions!
1) What % of difference can having a COD option make for low priced goods? Can COD option make a big impact on conversions?
2) I have noticed the majority of our conversions happen between 7pm and 1am. Is this something normal when it comes to E-commerce? Would it improve conversions if we run ads only during these hours?
Thanks in advance!

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Faisal Zia Anwer

About 70% drop I have seen if cod is removed

Aayush Poddar

Hello my friend. And what % of all COD orders would expect to get returned / people not accepting it or something.

Faisal Zia Anwer

about that I don't have a solid number, but for mynlast client we had a 7% return

Siddharth Sehra

We've seen around 6% in clothing industry. However, it depends on a lot of factors. Aayush Poddar

Aayush Poddar

Is it worth having COD? What’s the short answer to it?

Shitij Malhotra

Cod has 2 problems
1. It's very expensive. And that cod customer may not pay cod charges. So check the maths
2. Returns - for that you call the customer mnayally before processing order

Abhishek Gupta

COD is essential since it helps to convert intent to purchase more quickly... Plus given the service and product quality is good, the retention rate is also high.
In turn the chances of prepaid payment rises for next times purchases.

Also, I have witnessed 70-80% cart abandonment if COD isn't available and return rate is more dependent on the product quality and delivery. Another factor is your replacement and return policy. Coz that can influence the purchase behavior differently irrespective of COD or prepaid.

Siddharth Sehra

Yes, It gives you the scale. India is a COD market.

Bakulesh Rane

It's hard to trust Ecommerce goods🧐

Abhishek Arora

Well COD plays an important part especially if you are not a well known brand. You may end up having a large percentage returning from the cart. I am sure you can pull up a data for yourself if you are not using COD already on your store.

Arunraj Dhariwal

In India there is massive massive massive increase in E-Com fraud lately, lakhs are already victim of getting 10 X different product than ordered and now people due to this reason as not preferring to order from any new portal (other than Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra) on prepaid basis

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