Ankit Shrivastava .

E commerce on a hosted platform like shopify or create a customized portal??? What must be the preference.

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Nikhil Jathar

Faisal Zia Anwer


Maadhav Saxena


Shreedhar Bhat

If you're starting with limited number of products and standard eCommerce functionalities offered are good enough to run your operations, go with Shopify or similar ones.

If you've requirement for custom logic implementation, need a Bespoke designed solution with integrations for ERP or Warehouse management system then go with Custom eCommerce solutions.

Gaurav Mittal

Open ended questions. Answer for what you are optimizing on - time, personalization, cost, or anything else. Once you define that, you will get your answers

Bharat Garachh

Shopify is for rich
WordPress is for middle class
Blogger is for poor
I tried all, but personally I like WordPress, specifically for seo purposes

Hashim Masood Shaikh

Shopify is better.

Tamiesh Sood

Shopify any day

Rishank Bharatiya

If you are planning for long term then Go for your own...
It's a time invested... You have to pay to Shopify every year...
If you need any help, you can message me...

Srijan Arora

2 and the first too!

Ankur Mehta

Shopify, when it gets expensive woocommerce

Arvind Subraminion

It’s a tricky question . Depends on the type and number of products you have. Would be glad to help you understand. Ping if you need help

Agni Chatterjee

woocommerce is 100 times more flexible, it is definitely not cheap but there are many cheaply made woocommerces stores. Example of a good woocommerce build :

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