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55+ early-stage deals so far in 2020, almost the same as last year!

A must-read for early-stage startup founders:

✅Early-stage companies are turning out to be the bright spot for investors in India.

“At the seed stage, an investor takes a 10-year view on the word & all of us can agree that the long term outlook for India is very positive.”

- Rajan Anandan, Sequoia Capital

Sequoia find #Edtech, #digitalhealth, #SaaS, #SMEtech, #B2Bcommerce, & #DTC very exciting!

✅Early-stage investors are aggressive right now so they can get deals at very reasonable prices

✅ Accel, Blume Ventures, Unicorn India Ventures, Ankur Capital Fund, Mantra Capital & Venture Catalysts have raised funds recently

✅VCs who are dictating the terms today, as it’s no more a founder’s market.

✅Expect a tighter investment agreement,

>slightly lower valuations,

>disbursal in tranches based on milestones reached

✅Companies working on

>Content & OTT,


>Hyperlocal delivery,




& online fitness

would see an increase in interest from investors.

Look forward to interacting with startups working on these areas!

How viable or sustainable is your current business model?

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Pratyush Shrivastav

 Why was the era there in the first place? It was dumb to lose 25x of your revenue in 2015, it's dumb in 2020.

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