Diptesh Das .

If you own a service provision company, then I really need you to answer one of my questions.

How do you guys manage to do lead generation? Do you guys run ads, do pitching, submit proposal or rely on cold calls?

How to do you guys manage to get most of your lead inflow/client inflow to keep your agency/independent projects running?

In my case, I rely mostly on Cold Messages (75-80%), Referrals (10-15%), Inbound leads due to personal branding (5-10%), others (1-3% including proposal submission, cold calls, etc.)

Let me know what you guys mostly resort on. It will help to broaden my knowledge and modify my sales tactics.

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Shahnawaz Shaikh

Would be glad to answer this.
See, there are multiple ways we can generate leads for yourself and your business, I understand we as a startup cannot always a big Business Development team to keep cold calling, pitching and depend upon ads to new opportunity (Obviously this helps), I prefer creating & maintaining channel partners instead of sales person. Channel partners are set of referrel partners who has got same/ similar customer audiences as of yours.
Collaborating with them, will always yield you customers even when u yourself are not doing. Maintaining them is strategy and growing with them is another strategy.

I have been working with more than 15+ channel partners | 5+ Channels (Like Pushstart & Other reputed channels) buy offering services building credibility towards them. Post this, investing in my sales person to keep track of this.

Its like investing in stock.. u dont put all ur money on one stock.. based on time and situation of market u change strategy & build channels for you. With this even if u r alone doing business there are many channel partners working for you.

There are various other strategies I work upon for generating leads for my company we can connect over 1-2-1 for same.

Thanks. Hope this helps.

Naresh Shetti

My scene mostly referrals and personal contacts. I request for introductions and am pretty choosy abt clients.

Diptesh Das

that's great. What kind of service provider company are you?🙂

Naresh Shetti

visual content production house.
photography, video, animated vids, graphic design, 3d graphis and walk thrus etccc.

Reshma Budhia

I am a marketing consultant and 99% of our leads are referrals. The remaining % is via LinkedIn network who may have read a testimonial or a shout out that we get and reach out.

Somya Jain

Nice:) But i am sure in the start you didnt had referrals. So how did you reached at that stage?

Diptesh Das

exactly that's what I was going to ask as Saumya said🙂

Reshma Budhia

after working for 10 years I moved into starting my own firm. My first few projects were from the my few ex-bosses. As consultant I had zero overhead - no office, no team, and I was ok to start slow... So as I did projects for those bosses they started referring others. Of course now I have a full fledged team and office but still a lean setup.

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