Hardik Lashkari .

"Here is a Rs 50 complimentary voucher from my side. Please take care, sir."

I called Jio care to get a solution to some technical issues in the network.

These days, whenever I dial or receive a call from a customer care executive, I ask them,

"Are you and your family safe?"

"How are things at your end and in your area?"

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

I asked the usual questions to the Jio care executive.

She was happy to answer them before telling the solution to my problem.

When she cut the call, I again told her, "Take care. Stay safe."

A few minutes later, she sent me an email from her official ID.

"Sir, I was really happy with your kind gesture today. As a token of gratitude, please accept this Rs 50 complimentary voucher from my side that you can utilise to recharge any number without T&C."

Right now, everyone is talking about how businesses should show empathy towards their customers or clients.

However, it equally applies to the customers or clients also.

When you receive a call from a person or interact with one, you don't know if they're stressed because of their targets or probable job loss.

Talk to them politely and ask them about their well-being.

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Piyush Soni 

Those last words made her day, I think!!!❤️

Abhishek Avikk Gupta

This is how people (companies ) can make relations even stronger and create enormous possibilities in business itself.

Why we don't see beyond sales and business .
Why we don't see it as a investment for a better future.

At last humans are dealing with humans that what we usually heard before. Right?

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