Rajesh garg .

Yaad hai wo shaam ki Chai-sutta aur Vada Pav?

The everyday 5pm office ritual! 😍😍

Yad hai wo sutte wali aunty aur vada pav wale bhaiya? 🥺🥺

Everyone is talking about Travel Industries being hit by the pandemic badly, hospitality business being ripped off!!

But no one is talking about Roadside vendors and small cart shops!👀

I wonder how these entrepreneurial friends of ours are surviving this pandemic.🥺

The sad thing is they don't even have access to facilities as other businesses have- hell they don't have Pushstart and PSers also! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

So to tackle this, I have an idea which can help these people- at least do some Business and sustain themselves-

Why not take them online and list them as sellers?🤓

Establish a HYPERLOCAL DISCOVERY+ DELIVERY CHANNEL which can help these businesses to grow!

This would also generate scope for many more associated industries and service providers!

And It seems like, we can get funding as well for this business at these times! 😁

What do you think of this idea?

Let us as a community brainstorm on something that will help our traditional entrepreneur friends!🤯

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Preeti Singh Chauhan

Bless you for the thought. Let us know how we can contribute.

Rajesh garg

Idea is basically to move these vendors and cart holders online as they are not able to gain anything at these times!

So may be making some online platform to integrate all these vendors at one place!

Piyush Soni

I don't remember exactly but there was one guy who had pushlaunched his app around same idea few days back!

Rajesh garg

Definately it would be great to know if such an app is available for these people!

Shikar Sharma

Yeah it's sad to see how these vendors just go empty handed everyday! No business for them now a days!

Rajesh garg

Yeah bro its sad! We talk about these big big industries failing, not making enough money. But we ignore these people's plight!

Deepak Singh

Definately something should be done for them! Its a great work! I would also join if needed🙂

Rajesh garg

Thanks bro! Much appreciated!

Amit Baliga

There was a $1 monthly listing service I read here...

Urmil Shah

Makes sense.

I was talking to my brother just last week about a few of our regular hangouts and was glad to know that a couple of them have actually started BFM (Business from home) doing the same that did before but are experimenting with catering ordering, better parceling, and flexible to-go options.
The investment cost has increased but then they are happy to have started something rather than doing nothing and are expecting break-even in some months.
One of them says he can feel the "online" competition😀now that he is on the "other" side.

Rajesh garg

Are they earning enough? How are they managing their business from home?

Urmil Shah

Ofcourse they are not earning enough but it’s slow and steady as of now.
A lot of things happen over call right now but then there are aggregator apps that provide platform to small business to go online and reach more people.

Sooraj Kumar R

The simplest way to get these guys online (+ home delivery) is via WhatsApp. Teach them how to use the WhatsApp Business app. This applies to those who have smartphones.

For those who don't, their best bet is an apartment complex, where a brochure isput up on the notice board + sms sent to residents. This will give them repeat business as well.

Of course, these two ways won't cover every kind of the targeted entrepreneurs but it should cover a good 70-80% of them with some tweaks.

Starke Frau

good idea during this crises which can benifit to uplift some lives by giving them source of earning in this.

I am also in let me know how i can contribute to such😇

Bharat Acharya

Array humara panwala gaon chala gaya:(The alternate vendor to him is selling the cigs for a premium & is making big money. Sutta is being manufactured but the distributors are creating a hype to make money... This new panwala gave my friend an order for 2 bangles wo bhi sone ke with the money earned during lockdown period. Opportunity is right around the corner you just got to say HI!

Rajesh garg

Haan thats because competition kam ho gya! Not everybody's business is blooming in that way! Most of the ar still struggling!

Shlok Joshi

My cigarette walla is on dunzo. They have a paan shop section

Rajesh garg

Woah, thats good! Does they have any seprate section for these local shops?

Pranay Ranjan

I have seen some of the sutta shop owners have changed their business style. Now they are selling daily grocery products like Milk, Bread, oil, atta etc along with the sutta and many small business owners have closed their shops and now they are selling vegetables on the vegetable cart to sustain in this pandemic situation.

Rajesh garg

True businesses have changed! Most of these have started selling essentials. But even then, their business is not that good!

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