Vishnu Vardhaan .

I still remember December 31st, 2016 very clearly.

At 11.40pm, on New Year's Eve, my father told me, "I'm disgusted to call you my son." 🤬

He slammed the door, and walked out on me.

All because I failed to adhere to the path he visualized for me.

He wanted me to apply for IAS, but I wanted to startup.

He told me, "You are talented. Don't waste your life pursuing something futile. Become an IAS. The world will know you. Don't forget we are middle class. We can't take a risk."

I refused. 🙅‍♂

"I will startup - that's my dream, and I will give it my life." I replied.

His mouth spewed venom. "Well, don't even call me dad."

I smiled.

He walked out on me.


Three years later, he is my biggest fan.

I overheard a conversation he was having with his friend,

"...I'm so proud that my son is achieving and making a massive impact worldwide, much more than an IAS job would have made him do."

Your family wishes the best for you at all times.

However, they can't live your life for you.

You do. 🙋‍♂

So, let your dream not disappear in the face of parental pressure.

Follow your soul.

I did.

They will be proud of you, somewhere down the line.

Do you agree?

Have you faced a similar experience?

Would love to know. 👇

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Sourabh D R

Hey Big Fan of your content & you inspired in me so many ways your story is inspiring & I have read almost all the post here & in linkedin thank you for inspiring😊. Would love to connect one day!!!

Vishnu Vardhaan

Absolutely brother.🙌I would love to connect too.😇Thank you so much😍

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