Nitish Kumar .

Right now, Facebook Ads are giving us an all-time lowest Cost Per Lead across our accounts as well as client's accounts.

We're getting our Webinar Leads at less than Rs.10 and even direct selling is giving 8-10X Returns.

So, why is this happening, and how you can cash in?

With the current CoVid scenario, there's a drastic drop in the supply of Advertisers as most are afraid of investing their money in advertising because of the economic climate out there.

While at the same time, because of the lockdown all your prospects are on Facebook and Instagram.

So, how can you tap into this sudden change in Supply & Demand with Facebook Ads?

While your Cost Per Lead will go down, you also have to understand that your conversions will also be very much less compared to before as people will be skeptical of spending money during these times.

Here's how you can tap into this massive opportunity:- Lead, Serve & Sell!

You need to establish Leadership in your Facebook Ads and make them understand that you're right now willing to serve them to do the most important things that will secure their future despite what's happening right now.

Only after you can lead and serve them, can you ask for a sale?

Nitish "Lead, Serve & Sell" Kumar.

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