Riya Oberoi .

In 2019, Facebook took action on 6.5 billion accounts, nearly double the number of blocked accounts in 2018. Despite we are seeing increasing abuse, hatered, and what not. Facebook said that it is just 5% accounts which are fake now. No wonder, Facebook's is driven by hatered, and not by content.

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Krishna Arora

I feel people will hate no matter what. I see hatred from genuine accounts as well.
The humans are flawed how is facebook responsible for this?

John Kingsley Salamon

Facebook just amplifies it and then there is mob effect.

Ultimately flaw is with humans, but when they're not monitored they cause havoc knowingly because who cares

Krishna Arora

Agreed but Facebook is trying. You cant expect them to weed out everything super fast report and help them. You cant blame them for this mess.

Jainam MJ

Facebook isn't responding but the onus lies on Facebook to protect the majoring from a few hatred filled accounts

Harshad Moray

But isn't it Facebook sell followers in bulk!!!...first it's created and sold & then deleted for PR. Advocate of organic growth...if your content can't sell itself then, no need to spend money to sponsor & fake followers. Do let me know why you shared this??

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