Rajesh Garg .

If you’ve been browsing through some explicit content on a Google Chrome ‘incognito’ window assuming that the trail will be wiped clean the minute you exit it, you’re in for some bad news!!!😣😣

Turns out the incognito mode—which gives users the choice to search the internet without their activity being saved to the browser or device—is not really all that ‘incognito’.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against the company seeking $5 billion dollars on June 2 claiming that the internet giant illegally invades the privacy of users by tracking people, even when they choose to surf using the private mode.😕😕

What are your views on this? Don't you feel cheated when such a big company cheats customers in such ways??

Source: VICEINDIA https://www.vice.com/en_in/article/m7jvvp/google-sued-for-5-billion-for-tracking-users-even-those-using-incognito-private-mode?fbclid=IwAR291rGRD7IBtFVu3SuBZ4IFBwMRmSJLBnV79F8S_466PxaPea_ApfIASas

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Vinay Garg 


Rajesh Garg 

Yes VPN is a good option but it is not about VPN,its about ethics a company should follow

Samujjal Choudhury

VPN isn't a good choice actually...

Most of the free VPN uses your data/info

And the paid ones may give your info out to the government when asked for

Use "TOR" instead..

Rajesh Garg

TOR is for deep web browsing right??

Samujjal Choudhury

both of dark net browsing and for privacy...

The main use of tor is for privacy..

So you can surf the normal surface net using tor (it will be slow though...but it is way more secure than a VPN)

Anurag Rakesh Bandhu

VPN also they track😅😅😅These days I am little confused, I browse something on Duckduckgo and get ads on Chrome, not always but can't say that duckduckgo doesn't share data.

Rob Peck

I don't have a real issue with Google's actions here. What do you feel the promise of incognito mode is? I think it's cache, history, etc. I don't think that it becomes a completely secure channel and means zero data collection. Just not data directly linked back to me.
Snooping spouses, not snooping networks.

Amit Baliga

guess the perception is different

Rob Peck 

Yea, for sure. I'm not suggesting there's a right answer. It's an opinion. What does Incognito Mode mean to you?

Abhishek Kaushik

 totally agree. The sites just can't store cookies, cache is cleaned. Chrome never said google won't track.

Amit Baliga

Guess the problem is, on the landing page of Incognito, it doesn't explicitly say about Google tracking you. Might be it's there once you click Learn More.

Abhishek Kaushik

or just use VPN and disappear

Prasad Bharati

I don't think they are doing anything bad uk coz if they don't keep tracking their users then incognito tab will be another point in dark net where u can buy loads of drugs and weapons. I mean that's what i think k.

Rajesh Garg

Dark web is a whole complete scenario bro. That much moderation you talking about is necessary!!!

Prasad Bharati 


I just wanted to say that sab apne jaise acche thodi na hte hai.

Rajesh Garg

Yeah but sue kiya hai to garbad to kiya hee hai google ne kuch right??

Prasad Bharati

What they have done is mentioned in the news clearly And i have read the news. Now i donno if they've done anything else other than what has been mentioned . If you know that then i would love to know😊😊. But if they've been sued for what is mentionedin the nbc news i don't think they've commited a sin. I would love to know what do u think about whole thing😃. Coz till now you haven't expressed ur point of view clearly.

I mean even if u had then i haven't read.😊

Baaki bhaiyaa aapka hamara koi bair nhi.

Ajay Mallareddy

 If you login to your gmail or use google search engine even in incognito mode, every thing you search will be tracked by google. it's not Google's fault that people don't understand the difference between browser history and cookies/data tracking by google.

most people are technologically illiterate so i can imagine their stupid outrage.

Rajesh Garg

But they are sued to kuch garbad to hogi hee... Right?? Dont you think?

Shivam Malhotra

Google tracks everything and I was well aware that incognito mode data is also being tracked because whenever I open a site it shows me logged in on incognito mode (using the logins I've made on non incognito mode).

But when I open Private mode on Safari,I'm asked to login again.Safari's private mode actually sounds like Private mode while Chrome's incognito mode only helps you to not record the browsing activity.

The class will lose in the first hearing itself I'm sure! This would be a part of google's Terms of Use.

Sankalp Kumar

Tracking user data is not a new issue. This was way back in 2005 in an Google update in algorithm named "Personalized Search" where Google had mentioned that the data is being tracked. Even when you're signed out you get tracked through history and cookies. In the terms and conditions part of downloading Google Chrome or any Google service this is mentioned. As far as incognito is concerned some amount of info is remaining and that is very much mentioned in T&C which we tick to agree when we start using Chrome.

In Google database if they put in your name with email address they have everything about you from your history to your comments to your password pins to your card pins to your location. It's true and you have given the permit also to do so

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