Vishnu Vardhaan .

There are multiple sins that can be forgiven.

But there is one sin that I can never forgive. 🙅‍♂

Being dishonest.

I always tell my team - its okay to make mistakes, its okay to screw up orders, its okay to commit and not deliver, but don't try to hide the mistake by not letting the team know.

At my company, we always work towards an environment built in good faith, where people can openly critique a management decision if it isn't good for the team or for the future of the company.

📣 Vision First - Customers Next - Team Third and Individuals Fourth.

I've changed decisions many a time, based on suggestions given by my employees.

It never is a top-bottom approach, everyone is involved in the decision making in some way or the other.

Today, my team mate told me:

"Sir, I don't think this is a good strategy. Can we instead go forward with the idea I discussed with you last week?" 🤷‍♂

I beamed.

When you think beyond merely pleasing the top management, and actually work for the vision, the company is in great hands.

Honesty trumps everything else.

Are you providing your employees with the space to be honest?

Take a deeper look.

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Urvi Dhanak

I left a job over this.. I was working on one of my on and off clients webportal's social media. They already had some more experienced journalist also in the same role as mine, but part time. All she would do is either cover up her mistakes or just laugh it off with Oops when she had no way out. I kept telling her if we know it's been a mistake we have a chance to correct it, but when we cover up, we loose that chance. Of course she could not grasp it, I ended up leaving saying I cannot work with her. I am still labelled as overly sensitive over that.

Vishnu Vardhaan

I absolutely resonate with you.⚡It's great you left, and I'm sure you life is better because of that decision.
Sometimes, it takes immense courage to take decisions which may seem easy, but are the most difficult.😊

Urvi Dhanak

Appreciate it. I am still on good terms with founder though. ..even worked with them on some freelance work after that incident. So I jokingly say I have on n off relationship with them (it's a relationship portal😁)

Shubham Jat

That's how great entrepreneurs build a culture in their company. In the end, your employees will grow more by being honest!

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