Shitij Malhotra .

what does a UI/UX person do that a graphic designer can't do, while designing the screens of a app?

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Shivam Malhotra

A graphic designer can do the job as well but UI and UX are two separate things.UI is for User Interface while UX is for User Experience.Now UI can be made only once the whole flow has been finalised by the UX guy.In India though,UI/UX is used for thesame person (and also because a lot of guys provide both things at once while clients think the guy is working only on design) which is wrong.

If you're looking for a person to only design then you'll have to work on the product flow from login to logout.Questions like social login or mobile otp,how the onboarding should be like,what all should the app have is what the UX guy is supposed to take care of.

Prashant Gupta

UI Designers are subset of Graphic Designers. So all UI designers are Graphic Designer however not all graphic designers are UI Designer.

UX is entirely different game. Unfortunately people use them together but they are extremely different.

Akshaya Bhatia

Prashant Gupta probably not, Graphic designer may or may not be a UI designer.. UI is user interface.. that's different than creating graphics.. Though, normally, at times, their work overlap... most times, same person is doing one or more than one tasks of the 3..

Manmeet Singh

Designing screens of an app goes beyond the general visual aesthetics we see as users. UX designing and Graphic designing are two very different disciplines with different objectives. UX designers' primary focus is "Empathizing with the user and solving a problem" UX designers solve problems for all the stakeholders in a system, be it businesses or users. They understand the core pain point that needs to be solved, conducts user research surveys, creates personas, do empathy mapping, creating user journey flows, and post all these basically setting the base structure of the product/app/website. Graphic designers' primary focus is creating aesthetically pleasing designs by combining imagery, typography and other visual elements. Now talking with respect to designing screens, let's take the example of the homepage screen of an e-commerce app- UX designers will lay down the basic wireframe of the screen (after all research) as to what elements will be placed where and how this screen will connect to rest of the app. UI designers will create hi-fidelity designs, by using correct typography, colour schemes, images, inputs etc. Graphic design will act as a subset for UI design, in this case, Graphic designer will help to create custom banners, icons or illustrations that can be used on the homepage. I hope this example explains the roles of 3 different disciplines.

Bhavik Jain

UI/UX person design the app only after conducting heavy research on various topics like your TG, your company, your brand guidelines, the market, the competitor and then based on the result the app is designed.

A normal graphic designer doesn't conducts research nor it keeps the user in mind while creating the design.

Mohul Ghosh

Graphic Designer will milk the cow, as you directed. No questions asked. UI expert will show how to milk the cow, and UX expert will show how well that cow can be milked to bring max milk, from the same process.

Amit Baliga

Graphic designer will just design, not necessarily with a thought process of where the design would be shown, to whom, solving what use case, etc. etc.
UI guy will either work with the designer or can do design on own but concentrates on the differentelements on the design solving the purpose and needs of the design.
UX (a very underrated skill for many) starts with lot of user research, defining the user personas, the science behind why/how/what the UI and designer needs to do. These guys will dwell on the 'experience' an end-user gets while experiencing the design. A UI guy may also play the role of a designer and perhaps vice-versa too but not everyone who is a UI/design expert will be good in UX.

Apurva Mudgal

UX designers obsess a lot more about making interaction and interfaces easier to use. Thats generally the north star for them to achieve. Every user experience needs to be converted to user user interface and hence UX and UI skill sets are needed together.

Graphic designers obsess a lot more about making things look more appealing / catchy to the eye. Usability may or may not be their focus.

Both great skillsets but different focus.

Arun Purohit

Usability, information architecture, reflective thinking

Alan Yeap

I have do countless ui ux for many apps. The ui ux design on screen and the actual on phone testing will have different results. Some design flaw only discovered when more than 50 to 100 users testing the app.

Naresh Shetti

Sorry but a graphics designer as the word suggests is definitely responsible to know the purpose of design. If he./she doesn't do it then they may be called a dtp operator and not a graphic designer.

Ui designer is the one who has specialised his designing skills to one particular field of usability.

Just like how there r doctors and dentists the argument will always go on.

Pritam Chatterjee

UX works on flow, UI work on blocks, GD works on elements. But depending on the budget their final roles are decided.😉

Sanath Kumar

It’s like asking why need a architect when we have masons who can build a house for you.

Raj Kiran Singh

Not every graphics designer is a ui/ux developer.

Krinal Mehta

Read the case studies on this page. These are real life examples of problems presented to UX designers and how they addressed it.

Also, the results they achieved.

Hope that helps.

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