Bhavik Jain .

I have a joke on Travel, but it is restricted!

How the #Ihaveajoke trend has put the plight of the travel and hospitality industries in one statement!๐Ÿ˜”

However, maybe there is some good news after all?

Most countries are now planning to lift international and nationwide travel bans!๐Ÿ”ฅ

The Bermudas and Barbados islands are offering resident Visas to escape COVID-19!๐Ÿคฉ

And to be honest, as much as people say they fear COVID, they have been out on the streets like no one cares!

My friends in the US are vacationing right now for god's sake!๐Ÿƒโ€โ™‚๏ธ

All of us are frustrated- staying inside our homes since the past 4+ Months!๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

So maybe here in all this lies an amazing opportunity for the travel and hospitality industry?

It is all about scratching the itch in the human brain!๐Ÿง 

With the strict norms of social-distancing and inter-district travel-

Why not use this opportunity to promote Local Tourism? ๐Ÿ‘€

Brands and Startups can promote local culture, food and tourism following all necessary safety norms, creating an opportunity for local vendors too!

It would be a win-win situation for all- a wide range of Business Opportunities here and a sane human community! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜

What's your say?๐Ÿค“

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Piyush Soni

Definately, by following all the safety norms, we can start local tourism!
As people are also keen to travel now and want to enjoy their life a little bit, it is a way to erase some of your burdens a bit!

Bhavik Jain

True it is and people can also start by just exploring the city they live in. Every city has something to offer and you can know them by exploring various neighbourhoods

Abhinav Sankar

This is something Interesting- have you heard of FlyNote? They are doing something around this through their initiative- VibeCity! Check it out:)

Bhavik Jain

I have heard of FlyRobe not FlyNote. Will check them out but do you think people will take the risk for pleasure related activities?

Abhinav Sankar

happening all online mate!

Anushrut Khare Can tell you more about it:)

Anushrut Khare

Travel had always about learning & experiencing new things. Thats where the leisure in travel lies. With Flynote's Vibecity we are bringing the experiencing and learning elements of travel to the new online world and hoping to scale along with the confidence of travellers.

Deepak Singh

Another opportunity I see for travel folks is- getting E-Passes for travel!

Such a difficult thing to do, maybe travel businesses with their connects can get it done? Or create a portal to streamline it.๐Ÿง๐Ÿง

Bhavik Jain

The travel companies will have to handle the activity of getting passes for travel and also follow the basic precautions

Rajesh Garg

This can be possible if there is someone who basically takes care of all the things starting from tickets to safe accomodation!
If thing thing can be taken care of, people can start coming out of their homes

Bhavik Jain

True the travel companies will have to look after the precautionary measures

Shivani Borade Shah

I totally agree, travel and tourism has been one of the worse hit sectors, however India is a treasure trove, filled with magnificent variety from hills to lakes to snow to backwaters!
If we just start exploring what is around us its enough to boost the local economy.
People are definitely choosing experiences.
Sustainable and Responsible tourism shall take precedence, people are understanding the value of nature, culture and local experiences.
I own a homestay and organic farm near Mumbai and for us but we also had to adapt quickly.
Privacy is definitely the new luxury.
Brands can definitely focus on marketing Homestays/ private getaways/ help with securing e pass / nature experiences/ caravan tourism like Karnataka/ Driving trips.
The opportunities are tremendous!
I am seeing my business pick up slowly as we offer a private nature experience.
Hope the entire industry starts recovering!

Abhinav Sankar

How did you adapt? Curious to know! Shivani Borade Shah Even I'm in Mumbai- I just wish to go somewhere calm and chill

Bhavik Jain

I feel the same, when it comes to Mumbai there is a lot to cover besides your famous destinations.

People can go night cycling if the government open ups the Worli fort then it becomes a really picturesque location.

What changes did you make to reduce the impact of the virus?

Shivani Borade Shah

Abhinav Sankar PushFam is always welcome at Le Farm Luxury Farmstay Will be super happy to host youโ€™l!

Adapting was a slow and cumbersome process
- Local staff had to be trained, they are not so deeply exposed to Corona.
- Digital investments - online payments/ contactless check in procedures/ upgrading website/ phone boosters/ wifi was a huge expense( as weโ€™ve always been a nature property).
- sanitization - materials/ training / additional man hours.
- operational procedures - travel history collection/ e pass travel help
These are some of the things we had to do to adapt and change with the times.

Putting wifi has been the best investment as we could host people for long stays of 10 days and more. Kids went to school/ adults worked - generally a trend in the west only of renting vacation homes for long stays!

Abhinav Sankar

Sounds Interesting!
How are you going about spreading the word to re-assure your customers to come in and stay at your property?

Shivani Borade Shah

Plus reassuring / additional marekting costs to spread the word that we are a safe / private place to stay.
Fortunately TRUST plays a huge part in this and all our old customers have trusted our level of safety and hygiene.
But yes over all marketing has increased as well.

Abhinav Sankar

Nice. All the best, do share your experience of adapting to the new normal on a post for PSers to learn๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿคฉ

Shikar Sharma

May be this can start but due to number of cases being increasing day by day, I feel its little bit difficult!

Neeraj Joshi

The problem is that one canโ€™t be sure whether a brand is implementing safety norms or just Saying it is implementing.

There must be a standard safety protocol set by the gov and give certification for the ones who follow the same.

Like we have safety standards for various factories and all

Kedar Anil Gadgil

I think the less the government involves itself in the MSME business the better it will be for all. As a manufacturer, I know what happens to these norms and how much money is made by the inspectors appointed to enforce and monitor them. It's hogwash.I challenge you to show me a single MSME factory that adheres to every rule in the book. Hell, I challenge you to show me a single business(wo)man who hasn't broken some law or the other, even if the said business(wo)man has tried their best to go by the book and is themselves the epitome of morality. The trouble is that the way the rules have been written by the colonial government prior to independence has set a precedent for the incumbents since then to not rock the boat and keep writing newer laws about newer things in the same old mould of presumed guilt. Anyway, I have written about this numerous times and would not wish to rant again:-)

Sayan Ganguly

For Pandemics there is no such pre-existing SOP yet. However, certain States in India are trying to inculcate practices to make things easier for tourism and yet keep the epidemic under check. For example, in Andhra Pradesh, the political ecosystem isof the opinion that eventually everyone is going to get infected, so under their Test, Trace and Treat strategy, the Government has established 5,000 Covid Care Centers in every district for giving primary aid to asymptomatic patients, and only transfer them to the nearest hospital if their condition deteriorates. At the same time, it has managed to test 16 lakhs samples so far. Then coverage of the treatment under Arogyasri scheme in Government hospitals. About 70 - 100 mobile clinics have been given to every district, and sizeable package for more testing and care facilities in every district. And for example, when Vizag reported 3,000 cases, the Government readied 3,000 beds extra for handling future pressures and is continuing the same process. With all this machinery in the State, the Government is optimistic enough to open the tourist spots in AP.
Everyone is experimenting. The best practice undertaken by any state should be able to see getting converted to a proper Tourism SOP.

Now the Government is randomly handpicking 10% of entrants to the state for testing them.

Right now getting a SOP is going to be difficult as everything is an experiment.

Bhavik Jain

i think getting certificates will just become a new source of taking bribe and nothing else.

If some company really cares then it will be visible in the way they work and people can depend upon their precious experience or their friend's experience

Abhinav Sankar

I think the govt will soon come out with a standardised protocol, until the vaccine comes out, the country should take precautions to avoid second waves (Although abhi 1st wave hi khatm nahi hua)- but speaking from a long term POV.

Neeraj Joshi

Kedar Anil Gadgil sir aise toh country May Ek bhi law nahi hona chahiye? Whatโ€™s the solution?

Bhavik Jain

its time to change the law maker and revisit the rules set for creating a new law

Sayan Ganguly

@Bhavik Jain why do we need that? In our state decisions are being taken by the bureaucracy directly. To the extent of the political Executive and the Bureaucracy differing on certain issues with the bureaucracy prevailing there.

Kedar Anil Gadgil

The solution is to change our perspective of what a law is for...what its objectives are. Every single jurist of eminence and wise political personalities have said that we need to reexamine the IPC and start there...in 1860...it will take a long time but making more laws is not the solution when the approach is a problem.

Parixit Jayesh Popat

been meaning to talk about this for quite sometime now. Let us begin from the beginning.

1.Can't start local, need to go hyper local. Every state has different SOPs for people to enter the state. Eg. In Goa you can test for Corona on arrival andno minimum length of stay. Himachal asks for 05 nights bookings in registered hotels and have to arrive with a covid -ve certificate. Locals can book a one night stay. So you have to shell 2.5k average to get a test done.

2. Unless one has their own vehicle or can afford the luxury of flights, major trains and intra state transport is not functioning making it difficult to travel.

3. Many tourist attractions have restricted access due to which one might be confinee to the room.

4. Companies like Gommt have tied up with Deloitte to do a property audit and give safety certificate which would be valid for 03 months. The hotels audited then get a better listing on Gommt. Unless the hotel invests in website, it would have to pay for these.

Many people I know have been laid off as there is close to zero demand. As per a report (don't ask for it, it's confidential) only business cities are picking up immediate bookings. Major leisure hotels are getting bookings for late September and October. Cities like Chandigarh have 700 accomodations and the city has 400 room nights these days. And , let me tell you, these 400 RNs get divided in less than 100 hotels.

The way to go about this is customised holidays. Have a place for your group, have activities planned within the property. Travel within the state.

Piyush Soni

Parixit Jayesh Popat Agree with you brother! Traveling now can be an expensive thing! considering all the factors that you have stated. Can we come up withsome ideas to boost hyperlocal tourism activities?

Parixit Jayesh Popat

like I said, alternative accommodation (non hotel) are now in demand. All customised packages which includes stay, activists for the group, may be even travel. The company will arrange for all the needed permission for the whole stay. Quality time for those who can afford.

Abhinav Sankar

Jagad Ish How is it going at your end buddy? You also have a travel business right?

Jagad Ish

Abhinav Sankar bookings for new experiences are down nearly 50%-70% and as the international travel is opening up we are seeing some surge in bookings:)

Abhinav Sankar

Oh I see
Did you diversify any of your offerings

Jagad Ish

We have made several changes since the lockdown in our offerings taking the clients safety as utmost priority:). We have few bookings piling up for October 2020 for various tourism places. there are also some countries that have declared themselves to be free from the virus and we have curated list of offerings as soon as the international travel resumes .we are also hearing that international travel gonna open up in UNLOCK 3.0 !

with the lockdown running into months almost everywhere. But the trend is being adapted to, and many destinations are inviting globetrotters to work from scenic locales. There are many requests like Work From Farm House , Work From a Beach and so on !

Abhinav Sankar

Interesting. I see a scope in the B2B space?

Companies would want to Work from Farm House etc- I myself have seen a couple of requests lately in Pushstart's Network Community.

Any scene of capitalising on this?

Jagad Ish

We have been already working on the Work from Farm House in our own internal network and our own farm houses

Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley announced that they are developing a 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp. This is a special visa especially for remote workers who want to trade home for island life for up to a year at a time. This stamp is in the final stages of development further details are awaited. When it comes to beautiful islands, you can book your own private island in the Maldives โ‚น52,000 per person

Arunaday Basu

There are a lot of artists who have gone out of work. And it's not even a covid related problem. Art was dying before covid as well.
Well, let's create a Shantiniketan for them where they can come and teach what they know and let's also give them aspace to express what they want and create what they want.

This is an advanced version of our child education plan:

Let's create a facility for children to study art and philosophy. The teachers here can be voluntourists - they can come to our facility and stay there for free if they teach the children and also help out on the site.

It's a sustainable way to ensure that the children have good teachers for a longer period of time and they get taught subjects that might like to learn.

The concept here is that if you teach a destitute child about mathematics then that child will probably not want to learn, but if you teach her art, maybe there will be a point of time when the child will have the urge to learn.

It's an experiment but I feel it will work, as art also works for therapy - it is such a powerful tool of expression. Even if nothing good comes out of this, at least the child will learn to express and would have learnt a few things about life through our art, philosophy and history lessons.

We won't teach them about science. They don't care. We have to talk in their language.

They are too young to be done skill training with, so we can't do that. It has to be education only. But conventional teachers won't be able to do this.

We need unconventional people to give them hope and I feel artists are some of the most unconventional and interesting people in the planet.

They will surely be able create curiosity within the child. This I am sure about.

I am posting this here because I am extending this idea even further right now. To how travel-to-teach works.

Anyone can come and teach those children.

And they can stay there for free if they do so.

I have been discussing about this with a friend of mine at Mahol and he is an artist. He can definitely handle the teaching part. In fact, he's putting me in touch with more people from Himachal who can teach.

We just have to raise money for the infrastructure, etc.

I like Millind Maane's idea of a modern day gurkul meets ITI training and that is exactly what we will do (we have discussed this before).
If required we will get 3D printers for them to teach them 3D printing.

We should not just teach them art and philosophy, though that will be the central pillars of the education given in such a place.

It is better to work with migrant children on this because there are possibilities of experimenting with them that we can't do with city kids.

So, this is my plan though I don't know how I'll do this in actuality. Will see.

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