Piyush Soni .

Competing brands are always trying to make the other one look bad!!😔😔

Instead what if they helped each other?🥰🥰

How can competing brands collaborate and marketize to grow together?

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Rohit Nair 

That will later on become an oligopoly 😂

Piyush Soni

Why do you think so? Acquisitions can also happens!

Swaroop Bhat

Better not to collaborate..later when they start determining pricing, they will collude and customer will not have any choice...

Piyush Son

But collaborations can ease a lot things for customers, dont you think?

Swaroop Bhat

You are looking at things from an utopian point of view..it is very difficult in today's world.

Prasad Bharati

To fir do brands bhi kyu rahenge dono milkar koi aur single brand banayenge

Piyush Soni

And I think logo ke liye bhi easy ho jaega figure out karna. Nhi to idhar se udhar dhoondte rho saman!

Prasad Bharati

Look agar competition nhi hoga to loss bhi logo ka hi hai. Dekho agar kisi bande ko koi cheez online khareed ni hai to wo chaar websites check krta hai kyu? Kam price dhoondhne ke liye. Agar competition nhi hoga to ye sab kaise milega. Seedhe seedhe 2group tayaar ho jaayenge ek customers ka dusra vendors ka. Loot machegi kisi ki galtiyaan saamne nhi aayegi ,products ki khaamiyaan chupaayi jaayengi to problem kisko hga. So basically mutualism is not always beneficial.

Mohammed Ali

It gets difficult for the biggies considering a lot of factors and probably they aren't even interested since each has captured a good share of the market and is backed by loads of money.

However early stage startups in the same domain should definitely take this approach if they intend to build one of the biggest companies in the world.

Somehow many fail to do so thinking they are better,etc.. without being calculative until they get punched in the face by the biggies in the field and then shut down or keep struggling more.

Collaboration is better than competition for "some" startups if the vision aligns.

10% of a watermelon is more than 10% of a grape.:)

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