Bhavik Jain .

Schools went online but most of the students are still offline!

School closures and online classes are disproportionately affecting India’s poor.😔

In a country of 1.3 billion people, close to 70 percent lives in rural areas where the Internet is still a luxury!

Data shows that only 25 percent of them own smartphones, while many struggle with internet and network access. 🥺

Families are selling heirlooms and only sources of livelihood to buy smartphones for their kids, while in other places, students are climbing trees and water tanks, or trekking great distances to get internet.

With the already-creaking education system, what do you think, how students would cope up with these struggling times?

What solutions do you think could save children from slipping through these cracks?

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Sooraj Kumar R

Good time for the Govt. to revive Freedom 251 + Jio (free for education, up to a limit) for data services!?

Bhavik Jain

Yeah indeed! This can be started! Jio is also working on something closer as far as I know!

Gaurav Mittal

Radio and TV should be used by the government

Bhavik Jain

Yes that's a very good way! But radio and TVs are used for years now! How can govt you know make people aware about these things so that people start using them?

Gaurav Mittal

community radio shows maybe. That will have better appeal

Bhavik Jain

Yeah thats a good suggestion and may be some nationwide TV channels such as doordarshan but only for study purpose, can also be started!

Gaurav Mittal

I believe state governments should have community radio initatives

Sooraj Kumar R

Ramayana's & Mahabharatha's recent re-runs were ultra-popular like nothing else ever before on TV, right? Why not use the same marketing ramp-up for this purpose? It's not really hard to pull it off.

Sayan Ganguly

We already have those channels. The fact that you don't know about it shows how important is marketing.
Don't we have Gyanvani channel?

Gaurav Mittal

Sayan Ganguly those channels won't work. Mass media won't work for education. We need community radio as it is easy. Many Universities already have the set up ready. They can easily pitch in to help students at large

Sandeep M. Naik

In Kerala they have launced victers Channel where regular classes are being held. Ofcourse assessment is a huge issue.

Bhavik Jain

Ohh thats a great step by the kerela government!

So how does the channel work! Can you explain in detail please?

Sandeep M. Naik

Yes. Its been on from June. Awesome feedback from children and parents alike. Lot of PTA groups and corporations contributed towards buying TVs and tabs / laptops and connections. In-fact govt identified at a village level those students that did not have access to these facilities and ensured accessibility.

They have got a channel for each class group . Different subjects at different time, The same is also available for view any time on you-tube. Classes are per-recorded on a topic. Usually of 30-45 mins duration. Topic is divided amongst various govt teachers.


Content is in local language. and really good

Its not a simple class. They use tech to make learning immersive

Bhavik Jain

Thats great! I think govt should start nationwide some channels for kids education as your govt is doing!

Sandeep M. Naik

Thats true. With all KV schools they can simply replicate the Kerala model and CBSE and ICSE content should be available to all.

The issue is in assessment. Private schools use Google Classrooms for turning in Assignments, and also use google forms. My kids just completed their midterm tests and have adapted very well to the new methods. They also have in class tests and weekly tests as well to assess performance.

Rob Peck

Look towards the south🙂. Kerala is doing some interesting stuff and here in TN classes are on TV

Bhavik Jain

Can you explain a little bit in detail, how are they carrying forward those classes?

Rob Peck

It's been awhile since I looked at the setup, but IIRC TN is doing:
*Classes are segmented into three groups - online only, hybrid, and offline.
*From there, one public TV station and 5 private stepped up and are broadcasting classes all day. Seems to be enough to cover the courses.
*I imagine they must be nearing end of usefulness, but remember (some years ago), Amma was handing out laptops to kids like candy before she passed. That program has been renewed (with newer machines, of course).

The interesting one I'm watching is there is a little bit of a class divide shaping up in my area. Rich kids are on Zoom, poor kids are on WhatsApp.

Kerala seems to have an even better model, but I dont have the details.

Oh wow, looks like the program continued. Pre covid/but after Amma video. Hardware upgrade and the new guy put his face on them. Related videos are funny - "how to change government laptop background" lol


Sowmya Suryanarayana

Not just in rural. I spoke to a 3rd std child from Govt school and he doesn't know what is online... @Bangalore.

Bhavik Jain

Woah! I think there is a serious gap! These things should be addressed as soon as possible!

Somya Jain

Provide education through tv by dedicating a separate channel or time slot for the same

Bhavik Jain

Yes as our pushstarters said, kerela and tamil nadu are doing this! I think this should happen nationwide!

Hitarth Sheth

Gujarat government is airing on TV channels, their own YouTube channel, and all possible mediums. Ultimately it's upto students who want to learn - most don't want to or more like they aren't having that willpower. And one simple solution I believe is to give it in form of CD/DVD or in SD cards. They can watch it offline.

Bhavik Jain

The thing is rural kids are not at all that worthy to see CD/DVDs etc. One thing that govt surely can do is to open TV/ radio channels nationwide. And aware people about the same!

Hitarth Sheth

you mean they are not worthy to see DVD? I didn't understand that fully.

I think for channels, regional version works better like for Gujarat they've DD Girnar and probably same for other states and they're marketing it heavily; but question is how many of them are actually watching, understanding and how they'd be doing self assessment especially for younger children if their parents are not that literate

Harshal N Shroff

Jaise abdul kalam pole ke neeche padh padh le scientist aur president bangaya.

Waise sab bache digital pe padh padh ke COMMUNITY managers banjayenge.

Shubhendu Singh

I'm working on something as a side project

which might help kid learn maths using emojis and visualizations
Let's see how this pans out:)

Rohini Rao

Considering the Pandemic is going away - Airing on large screens in schools in a a standardised recorded pattern(based on the education some govt and other low quality schools are able to deliver ) and assessment done by teachers.

Amit Mishra

Can we think of changing the way gov have been trying to teach? Sugata mitra had done this experiment 'hole in wall' years back. Where he just kept one computer in a village. They learned on their own. This can be implemented with the right planning in India.

Bhavik Jain

Yes we can do a lot of things! Its just willingness and things should be done without corruption in this country!

Shubhendu Singh

My dad is a government teacher of 8th class...
Since schools are closed, teachers are delivering concise concepts in bit and bytes format.

- Like converting 4 page of chapter into 3-4 minute video and sending it across whatsapp group

- calling students and helping with doubts

Positively I feel somehow focus is more on delivering quality content which was little affected by in-class education.

But surely these methods have it's downside too, like missing personal touch and interactions.

Bhavik Jain

Yes! Actually the real challenge is to deliver the content, not creating the content!

Prasad Bharati

Now this is something which really needs some attention. Gud to see bro at least there is someone who really wants to solve some issues

Bhavik Jain

Yes bro! People are very ignorant towards this situation! These children were worst affected already! Now it has made them more and more weaker!

Deeraj R Paramesha

Thanks Bhavik Jain on asking a very important question. Good to see this community coming together to solve real world problems.

It's a great question. I presently work with the Karntaka state government and three other state governments on covid awareness projects. Would love to take up this issue and solve it creatively.

What I think could be a solution is
1) I believe that atleast 80% of the houses in rural areas will definitely have a TV at thier home it is very good medium to reach a lot of students even in the remote areas of India. I think what we should be concentrating is from 1st to 12th standard and have 12 different channels dedicated to each of the years and air quality recorded videos of each of the subjects on a particular time everyday just like school and repeat the same classes if students want to go through it again.
2) with respect to study materials, every school should ensure that their students who's address and phone numbers are registered with them by default should ensure that everyone have all the textbooks with them if not use the already existing Indian Postal Service which works absolutely brilliantly even today (I know this because I had posted cards to my clients and family from the highest post office in world which is located in Hikkim Spiti Himachal pradesh. Sure it took some time but all the 25 postcards reached thier destination) it's time to revive the good old postal service for many different out reaches. Once the study material is set and the classes are ongoing there's only one thing that is remaining..
3) and that's evaluation with this I think a evolution of education system has to happen, I feel the age old colonial system of macro evaluations aka exams should be eliminated and micro evaluations should be considered. Where children are evaluated based on micro assignments and mini projects rather than a full blown exam at the end. How many of you remember what you mugged up for social studies in 8th standard??😂I'm sure not many of you remember jackshit including me. but imagine instead of making you mug up when first battle of Panipat happened btw it happened in 1526 (yess ofcourse I googled it!) instead you are shown in the TV how it actually happened using animations I'd bet visual stimuli of history will remain in someone's head much better and after the class the child could write a short note on what he learnt from the class. Which again could be posted using our great postal network. This could be evaulted continuously rather than asking them to mug up everything once in a year.
4) again all of this sounds good on Facebook post comments but as you all realise execution is where many govts fail! But that's where we entrepreneurs come into the picture we are the definition of disruption and I really think with all the startups and freelancers in evey state this could be executed very very fast. its just that a group of people has to take an initiative and drive it like your future generations life depend on it.

Just to give a background I handle several ministers and MLAs social media accounts across India. The media company I own is (www.brewedmedia.in) you guys can visit the website and the see the intro video to understand what we have done till now. And Just for context if you guys had followed Bangalore City police social media handles with GOT memes and other interesting stuff in it's prime, it was my agency which handled the accounts.

I'm very sorry if there are grammatical mistakes in the message I'm typing it in a very sleep deprived state at 5:30am😂I already have a lot on my plate and would absolutely love to collaborate with you guys if you seriously think you could execute any part of this plan or additions on top of this. This is my number 9738501201 you can WhatsApp your ideas, suggestions or pitches on the same.

Take care and keep up the good work guys🙏😊Neeraj Joshi and the Bhavik great community upkeep as always👏👏

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