Abhishek Samant .

So I've seen a lot of posts here about LinkedIn. People giving opinions on whether it's useful in some sense and also whether it's a waste of time. So my question is what do use Linkedin for besides job hunting and job posting? Have you managed to build good, lasting business and/or personal connections on the platform? Do you use it for learning? Or do you use it for entertainment, by reading fake posts and comments? Opinions, people.

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Rajesh Garg

I think mostly people use it for Personal Branding!

You can make good connections also but most of them just spam you!

Shivakumar Valadi

Like any other platform, there is the good with bad, leads and the spam... Take the good, dump or block the bad

Have good connections, referrals, business and learnings from LinkedIn, alongwith some "great" offers to change my business forever

Abhishek Samant

cool. So do you use it mainly for networking?

Shivakumar Valadi

70% networking, 30% others... If I have to break it out

Rahul Rajvanshi

Anyone who tells you linkedin is not a good business growth channel is basically an agency owner who on the name of linkedin outreach just spams people without any proper personalization or context.
Or doesn't make a post in 11 months and suddenly makes one and expects response from people

Abhishek Samant

Well that might be true. But obviously that can't apply to all the people who are on Linkedin who don't have any use for the platform. People have different needs and requirements when it comes to business and LinkedIn can't provide all the solutions that you require. Hence the question, what do you use Linkedin for.

Rahul Rajvanshi

Pretty much what it offers
1. LinkedIn sales navigation offering for sales related activities , led gen to be more precise
2.Linkedin Jobs offering to hire new folks
3. LinkedIn as a social media to meet with new people in my industry and explore unexpected opportunities

Shivam Malhotra

ye hi toh issue hai! Actual entrepreneurs kaam mai busy hai,jabki aadhi dunia linkedin pe unemployed bethi hai but personal brand create karne mai lagi padi hai.It was never supposed to be a social media platform,kids largely between 18-22 have made it one.

Also,sales navigator generally sabki aukaat ke bahar hai! Its used largely by big corporations (I know employees in EY have access to it).Linkedin wouldnt have been offering demos if it was an accessible to all product,its highly expensive and elitist (in terms of business).

Rahul Rajvanshi

Well LinkedIn today is a platform which has literally every professional on it, from almost every vertical and every role. Using it smartly is responsibility of the the users too.
In terms of the social media usage my connections and folks I follow are from SaaS industry and specifically for Sales and revenue function and whenever I scroll linkedin I learn something new.

Coming to Sales nav its 3-4k a month and if you know how to use it it's definitely worth the investment. We have signed up around 5 to 10 venture backed companies for multiple seat bases licenses even before we have launched using it.
So the ROI has been good. You should never spend on something you can't make the ROI off, and if you can't do it it's not fit for you.

So yeah that's pretty much it

Faisal Zia Anwer


Hanif Shaikh

LinkedIn is great if you know how to use.

I have built some good connections over the years just because of Linkedin.

I also signed up Oracle Africa as a client from Linkedin.

Shivam Malhotra

I open it,I see a few f up posts about how great these 18-20 year olds are,how they are adding a lot of value but making 0 money and then I close it.

Aajkal ye wala chal raha hai - unpaid internships vs paid internships & my client texted me at 11 PMso I told them I'm a freelancer not your slave,I dont need your money,please dont contact me again lol.

It used to be a great platform! In the last year or so,kids younger than me (I'm just 24 myself) have ruined it.It looks like TikTok now,cringeworthy content all over.

Marvyn LP

I've actually met some pretty interesting people IRL thanks to LinkedIn. We had a lot in common but prefer not to go to networking meets, found that reaching out to local people operating in the same industry as me is a far better use of my time

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