Rohit Nair .

I woke up to my mom shouting and panting at my sisters in the morning.
It was their online classes time, they were not able to figure out what to do. They were trying since 20 minutes but the solution to it was rather simpler.
On getting joined in the Zoom meeting I realised that is this really necessary for my sister? What is the teacher doing anyway? She was just speaking. Nothing else.
Currently the Schools and Colleges are conducting the online classes just for the sake of it but if you look at other countries, there is a proper infrastructure for this.
The schools should come up with reading materials and PPTs, reference videos and what not. Teaching online could be used so much more better but we are maybe not so enthusiastic about education anyway.
If someone could help schools/colleges fix their online education system then it can be an amazing business opportunity is what I feel.
Let me know what do you think about the Indian education system and how can it improve.
Good morning!

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Akanksha Kharé

I take online classes and use google slides for presentations and google classrooms for taking test or quizzes.

Rohit Nair

Thats great.

Pranav Agarwal

I think you are generalising on one experience. Our daughter studies online for about two hour a day. The teachers use PPTs, videos and other zoom tools to teach them. They also do activities like drawing craft singing etc

Rohit Nair

Yes obviously there are some who do it but as a whole. Online education is a joke in India

Pranav Agarwal

again i think you generalise. Schools I know have split the class in half. So they have 12 students online with 2 teachers.
It’s all about how much the school wants to add value and if parents are not satisfied they can always work together with the school to give feedback and improve

Rohit Nair

this is not just an opinion of my sisters school. I went on to research about it Thats why I’m saying. So its not a general perspective. And here I’m not blaming the teachers or the school. It is a business opportunity to someone who can show them the way to a good online education system

Nikhil Jain

It's something they need it but don't realize it, they will want it but may not easily pay for it.
Will desperately go for it when there will be high losses already

Rohit Nair

well said

Santoshi Aparajithan

Schools and teachers are doing their best with available resources.
We have to remember teachers may not be tech savvy enough to use all kinds of available resources and gadgets.

For my kids in class 7 and class 3, online classes are conducted using Microsoft Team. They recieve video lessons, Notes, PPT, assignments, etc too.
Even yoga, music n dance are conducted.

Rohit Nair

yes exactly. Someone needs to help them and teach them with a good online teaching sustem

Arunaday Basu

ok either I am old, or my school wasn't exactly so curriculum-friendly. What is the monthly fees of this school your children go to?

Santoshi Aparajithan

Its a cbse school.
We pay 3 terms.
School fees Per term
Class 7: 18k
Class 3: 16k

Achintya Surya

Wondering why zoom is preferred when Google meet can be used effectively. Can be accessed from the browser instead of downloading application as well.

Shashwat Verma

zoom has many detailed features which meet and other video call providers are still developing. Poll, Private msg, audio share, secondary camera share is just few of them.:)

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