Rajesh Garg .

Need Feedback to grow Instagram audience!!

So my friend is running a startup, and he is trying to attract traffic to his website through Instagram.

He has set up an Instagram page dedicated to it where he planned to make posts promoting his services, but after doing research and looking at similar businesses in his niche, he found that techniques he is using are not very effective.

He generally had around a few hundred followers, and only 3 - 4 engagements per post.

He wants to build a real, large, and engaged audience, and for that, he found the need to produce shareable content.

So I have two queries here:

  1. What strategies he should implement to grow his Instagram engagement as well as website traffic?
  2. Do you think writing long captions, uploading videos and shuffling hashtag helps with the growth?
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Abhishek Avikk Gupta

Content should be good that it can be shared easily.

BTW what business your friend has?

Rajesh Garg

He sells tshirts online!

Preeti Singh Chauhan

I had a similar query. Here:


Ankit Kumar Bhagat

Shoutouts from influencers shall help

Bhavuk Chhabra

Dwell time is important on Instagram Algorithm and long captions can help to increase that which in return will increase the engagement rate. Just avoid using PODs to grow and use hashtags which are relevant to the page n post... I hope it helps. All the best❤️

Shraddha Patil

Instagram is all about the right content and hashtags. Monitoring the engagement on the content posted and modifying the content accordingly. Stories have good reach so ask him to create interesting stories. Influencers definitely help in creating traction to the page

Mayank Jain

1) Don't try to sell things/products/service on Instagram. Provide valuable content related to your product/service to the audience you are targeting which can actually help them.
2) Good insightful captions with relevant keywords
3) consistency in posting and stories
4) Don't be preachy and put the content that is really engaging and sometimes funny.

Understand the audience first and then start posting something on Instagram

Ishita Sarkar

You should know Instagram marketing well, so then you will be able to grow more audience.

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