Sanjeev Agarwal .

Sites like Instacash and Cashify boy Old used mobile phones. They do not sell it back. What could be their mode of revenue??

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Bakulesh Rane

Gold & Rare earth metal mining & private Data collection (Scrape is worth billions dollars)

Amit Ahuja

Refurbished phones selling is a big market. Many companies buy old handsets from them, repair it and sell it for a premium.

Siddharth Sehra

They sell it to vendors in T2&T3 cities.

Prateek Saraf

on buy side their model is B2C..... on sell side its B2B......

they sell to brick and mortar retailers who sell to people in their neighbourhood.

Sanjeev Agrawal

Prateek Saraf Siddharth Sehra okay. Any idea

1) How to connect with them to buy in bulk from them??

2) How do they tackle the issues like if someone is trying to sell Stolen phones etc??? As these sites don’t ask for bills while buying them.

Prateek Saraf

1. just drop a message on any of their channel...... their founder Dixit's contact is 9929341039.
2. they asked bill to prove warranty...... while they took declaration from me...... and I got money in bank account..... probably, thats how they keep a paper trail..... my guess

Avinash Kewlani

It’s like Cars24, you sell it and they auction it off..

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