Bhavik Jain .

We all know that Amazon is a highly trusted brand and it would be fairly difficult to compete with him. Even if you are cheaper or the same price, Amazon is reliable and known.

People trust Amazon more than any other e-commerce market for their purchase!

So my question here is, How do you compete with Amazon?

What are the different ways in which you can outperform Amazon sales?

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Bharat Garachh

Compare with marketplace or individual store?

Bhavik Jain


Bharat Garachh

if you go with very specific categories then better to compare otherwise not possible

Bhavik Jain

So you are saying that if we focus on niche then there are chances to compete?

Bharat Garachh

but even why to compete?

Bhavik Jain

Because the attention is towards amazon & Flipkart so you compete to get people's attention and to become their 1st choice

Bharat Garachh

it's not easy, it's need a lot of investment, they are using very advanced technologies ( AI)

Rob Peck

Was a panelist with the marketing head of Nykka at a conference. They are one of the few competing against amazon well. Basically his thought was all mid funnel content.

As an example, just considering search:

1) “buy beauty products online” - you will not beat amazon.

2) “buy 250 ml blah blah blah” - you will not beat amazon.

However In the middle you can. Amazon does not have great buyers guides, category content, etc. that’s where you can win.

Ishita Sarkar

Honestly it is really difficult to beat Amazon or even flipkart they both are well known brands and most importantly people trust them even if you have an out of the box idea to start an e-commerce website it will take time to flourish or maybe you get losses. But, until you try never know you might beat those companies.

Bhavik Jain

True but then they flourished which a few of other eCommerce SP were not able to do. Here amazon also lacks in various, one can start using those points as an USP

Ishita Sarkar

obviously if you have to beat Amazon you really need a good plan and also the USP so that consumers can prefer that over amazon

Avinash Kewlani

The key that Amazon holds is their customer friendly policies and add-ons such as prime video, prime music... their prime delivery (next day or two days) are very difficult to match, unless you setup your logistics and supply chain. Communication is second🔑which I haven’t seen with any other marketplace, they ensure that you are updated about your order end to end, which gives confidence to customers...Apart from these two, their promo sales which happen quite often.

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