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What is the most important yardstick you use to evaluate your Accountant ?

According to me, the most important question should be:

Is he Proactive, or Reactive ?

Reactive accountants are everywhere in India. They always have to wait to receive instructions from you to do something, or they have to wait for a particular bad event to occur before they start to “fix” it.

For a reactive accountant, work starts AFTER something has already happened.

If you fail to tell your accountant to look at something, a reactive accountant will not look at it. His response would be:

‘I wasn’t instructed to do this. It’s not my fault’.

The business owner is not and SHOULD NOT be expected to identify tasks and jobs for the accountant. This retards his ability to focus on strategy (because he is doing the job of an accountant!)

On the other hand, a proactive accountant PLANS in advance, and takes responsibility to make sure that issues don’t arise in the first place.

When something goes wrong, he says:

‘I should have known about this. I will solve this problem, and will make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

A reactive accountant may be deadweight on your legs. A proactive accountant gives you wings !

So, how do you evaluate your Accountant ?

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