Prathap .

I have a doubt how does Khattabook generate revenue?? I have a idea similar to that sort, if someone could help me understand the revenue generation process.

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Harish Ibrahim

I don't think they generate revenue at the moment

Vishal Agarwal

I think they would generate the revenue by adding premium features and also maybe by payment transaction fees just like waveapps.

Piyush Soni

At present, no revenue source. But founder is saying they will soon add some premium features as well

Nikhil Jathar

They have distribution to reach millions of users / business owners. I have 10 ideas that are better than Khatabook but without that kind of reach they are useless.

Prahllad Mittal

To monetize they can start giving loan. Because they have the data of transaction a particular retailer is having, they can easily estimate a loan amount for them

Surender T Natarajan

Currently, there is no revenue stream. Soon , with all the data collected, they would be able to assess the credit risk of the person/small business and provide loans to the same. Credit scoring would be just a start. !!!!

Sashwat Malik

No revenue model as of now

Vini Katyal

They have customers that's there strong point. They do have competition check okcredit

(Coming from someone who is working freelancing in tech with them currently)

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