Sayan Ganguly .

*How Geopolitical Sensationalism is not good for a Developing Economy*

We have been in constant tussles with our neighbors and yet, we have been importing consumer essentials and military technologies alike globally.

Yes, we have violent, power - hungry neighbors (Pakistan being a 70 - years old enemy and China having border disputes with all its neighbors), but if we keep driving our development and sovereignty protection as a competition to these countries, we will never be able to cross a point we desperately need to in our efforts to achieve Global excellence.

1. Strategic imports make us vulnerable to the gamification tactics of our exporters by exporting to our rivals.
2. Our dependency on imports creates technical barriers to our basic capabilities to react to atrocities too.

The key solution to this problem is theoretically one: "Make in India".

But, that's a failed program right?

But we, as citizens and more than that, as a community can show practices which might help Make in India revive itself.


1. From Pin to Salt to Airplanes, let's organize ourselves into sub - communities for solid discussions on the products and businesses of all segments.

2. Let's explore the ideal ecosystem of each sector we are talking about.

3. Let's work together to create a financial assistance ecosystem for supporting these segments.

4. Let's pilot with feasible projects, strategic products and services.

5. Let's showcase the outputs to Governments for having incentives from their end.

6. Let's minimize our import requirements and whatever we need to import from more friendly countries, let's bear it with incentivization from our own financial Ecosystem until Government starts incentivizing them.

And I believe we can do it.
Our focus should be primarily to be ourselves. Our beloved military is doing its job in safeguarding our borders. Let's do our job at their pace. We have to be the best of what we are, rather than just being a competitor of our neighbors. We can only survive, grow and succeed as a nation by being our neighbors' alternatives and not being open competitors. Yes, we will face more regional challenges but we can overcome them if our core becomes complete by itself and more importantly, truly atmanirbhar.

Let's strive to be a great Knowledge economy which binds together hardware and software; manufacturing and IT.

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Piyush Soni 

Great Insights brother! Keep them coming!🙂🙂

Arunaday Basu 

This is an encouraging post. Bump

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