Rajesh Garg .

How hard is it to transition from Amazon FBA to Shopify?

I have a decent amount of experience selling with Amazon FBA, it's given me a great foundation, but I've been considering shifting to the Shopify.

The reason is I'm starting to hate a lot of the restrictions Amazon keeps imposing and because there are many products I'd like to sell that can't be sold on Amazon.

Even basic things like masks are now banned on Amazon.

So I have two queries here:

  1. Has anyone transitioned or have experience on both can share some insight into doing it?
  2. Is Shopify passive? In the sense is there a way to automate the fulfillment or would you have to ship every item individually?
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Rob Peck

Yes. Shopify Partner Agency here.

Shopify has a very easy-to-use app (plugin) to import products from Amazon into Shopify. Not quite one click, but usually close.

Fulfillment - depends on your business logic. You can plug it into the larger 3PL and drop shipping companies. Of course many sellers ship directly (easy connection to Delhivery and the others)

LMK if you want a demo store to play around with.

Rob Peck

Biggest upside - pretty much what you said. Less rules, no Amazon commissions/closing fees. Control.

Biggest downside - You gotta get the traffic to your site all by your lonesome.

Vishnu Goyal

Major barrier is marketing,deep dive in facebook ads and Google shopping ads . Then start it

Second is logistics i.e easy learnable

Rajesh Garg 

Vishnu Goyal Yeah I know, I have to drive the whole traffic to my website! Seems difficult but doable!

Rajesh Garg

Have you managed Shopify website?

Geet Kiran Aneja

Here from Amazon FBA. I once invested around 10L in developing a product and decided to trust Amazon for GTM. Amazon ruthlessly copies the product and data and launched the same F***king product under it own private label brand. Result? Amazon occupies the top 10 seller rankings and leaves me behind cos it has more data on everything and doesn't have to pay all that fee like closing fee which I have to pay. Burnt my hands 10L almost all lost plus time and effort. Go for own Shopify store any day and invest in media buying and all sorts of marketing activities. You will be much better off without FBA in India at least.

Geet Kiran Aneja

Amazon does the copying the product thing and launching own brands under an indian subsidiary called cloud tail. So if anyone here is a part of Cloud Tail you should know you are preying on other businesses by inviting them and then copying them blatantly. You manipulate your ratings and everyone else's. And lastly you destroyed someone's entrepreneurial dream. :) sorry for the rant guys but what I have gone through is heart breaking for me.

Rajesh Garg

Geet Kiran Aneja Oh I see! Yeah 10L is a big amount bro! I was also feeling the same way, not much growth I am seeing on Amazon! Decided to shift it

Shitij Malhotra

whats the product...now that its amazon ki jaydaat

Geet Kiran

Aneja Shitij Malhotra comforters :)

Shitij Malhotra

Geet Kiran Aneja indian designs or solids?

Geet Kiran Aneja

Shitij Malhotra Solids colours. Mfg under my own supervision on job orders. 10x better quality than what Amazon's own brand sells. Cost at par with Amazon's and others in the market.

Avinash Kewlani

Geet Kiran Aneja Agree, Amazon is ruthless to it’s sellers to maintain it’s NPS, it has in fact killed dreams of many entrepreneurs like you, Amazon is a BIG NO...

Tushar Roy

Geet Kiran Aneja maybe in your case but in my case I invested in Amazon 250 and I got profit of 5000

I am selling From last 3 years from my 11 th and now I am in 1st year then add some more categories in my buissness then get I good sales around 20 lakh per month . Profit are goods around 20 percent . Amazon is good and better than Flipkart .

Mansi Rastogi

I've heard about this from someone else as well. Pretty unethical in my book. Sorry you had to experience this Geet Kiran Aneja.

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