Prachee Nilesh .

Hello All !

I want to know how important it is to budget a spend on Social Media Marketing. Does it really help ? It can increase your followers or Likes but does it necessarily translate into Business Opportunities.

Have the old methods of calling, email marketing become redundant?

What works best according to you?

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Siddartha Khetan

Any social media strategy is dependent upon your goals. Without understanding your business goals and target market it's not wise to comment on what will work and what will not.

Also, calling, email etc are not dead completely. Marketing now is more of building trust. Once you've done with your audience, Bingo, you're unstoppable then!

Shivam Malhotra

Traditional methods would never be dead but depending on what youre selling,you need to do a traditional method vs social media marketing comparison and spend your time & money on whatever gives you maximum ROI.

B2B deals dont happen on social media while a ₹100 consumer product cant be sold by telecallers.

Surender T Natarajan

B2B try to focus more on LinkedIn, email marketing, content marketing. Other major source leads could be google search. Again it all depends on the goals you are trying to achieve for your business.

Krishna Arora

The answer depends on your niche , budget and the person doing work for you.

However its not a one day game let me tell you that nor can you rely purely on organic in my opinion.

Kallyan Singha

Social media marketing is a good choice for my opinion cause

1. If you call email people they sometimes even they intersted in your product thought that , you might be a scammer and irritatate because they don't know you and your company well . So first show your portfolio ,customer reviews, stories etc using social media and if the customer is really interested then call them it would be more easy to convert that traffic into customers /clients

Aditya Raja

Run optimised ads & keep a content tracker (helps make money & build value simultaneously)

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