Kedar Anil Gadgil .

I have been using Paytm for quite some time now, even before demonetisation. I would like to ask experts, entrepreneurs, and other users of this app/bank a question:

How you would rate their design and UI/UX on a scale of 1 to 10, and why would it be -100^100?

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Mayur Kulkarni

If the up was down and good and bad were to be interchanged, they have the best damn UI/UX.

Ridwan Shafi

It's gotten a bit better with the whole minimalistic overhaul they did, but that's just the visual aspect of it. The overall experience is still sluggish af, worst among the payment apps I have used. And those unwanted UPI popups, downright infuriating. It has a bad, bad UX IMO!

Swaroop Bhat

Overall experience very sluggish..hardly use it for anything now.

Nihal Hassan

FreeCharge trumped PayTM pre-demon. Their obsession on becoming a super app has taken a toll on user experience.

Harshad Moray

• Ui can be improved
• Gamification strategy felt inadequate
• Too much happening on homescreen

Piyush Soni

Everything seems like a bit congested there! Flow is not good for the app. Like the way in which services are sorted

Neeraj Joshi

2-3 at max, it’s tooooooo cluttered with many services being pitched at once, quite overwhelming

Amit Baliga

They have changed it quite a few times since DeMon times.

Shivam Malhotra

Amit Baliga still a long way to go!

Amit Baliga

Haan but am sure they know much better than us with data and their biz cases. Inconvenience caused to us may be deliberate;)

Shivam Malhotra

it sure is! They aren't a customer centric platform at all,its just that they were probably the first to enter & are doing everything to generate business - till when this model would work,lets see! But with UPI getting hot,I believe wallets are soon going to die out.Why not transact from your bank app or BHIM UPI only when you've to pay via UPI?

Karthik Devan


- When I open the app I seem to find everything except transaction related functionalities.
- With UPI in the picture now I'd prefer a more UPI more centric UI rather than a wallet centric one.

Abhishek Samant

It's too cluttered. I don't depend on it for payment that's for sure. Do most of my payments using cards and the bank's app. It's easier and feels more secure.

Kedar Anil Gadgil

The first time when I downloaded their app, they even had their own brand name 'Paytm' mis-spelt as 'Patym' or something in two places. THAT is the (lack of) attention to detail.

I recently logged into their website. Did you know that it only works infull screen on my Chrome on Macbook browser (I am specifying the hardware and software just to show I am not speaking of some strange config). In any other but the full screen mode, the icons and labels overlap with other icons and labels. This is a mistake I would not make even if I were a 'Hello World' level of coder in 2020. What is Paytm paying their engineering team? Do they even have one? Or does no one look at the product before release? Not even VSS?
(Just to give you an example, even after I have written a measly comment on an irrelevant post in a small forum within a closed group on a subject I care about only peripherally, I still re-read it a couple of time even after posting, and cringe every time I spot a grammatical or spelling error, and rush to correct it. If you don't believe me, check out any of my posts' edit history. And I am still unsatisfied even if everything looks OK. Now, if an idiot like me can be so obsessed with detail even where it is not strictly important, should a founder not be obsessed with his own product?)

As for functionality, the less said the better. I cannot blame the tech chaps for it, but surely the founders and senior management know that it is almost impossible to find a way to lodge a complaint or raise a ticket for stuff that should be child's play (and compulsory) for someone with a banking licence (I am a fully KYC verified customer): I wanted the entire statement for FY19-20. That means from 01 April 2019 to 31 March 2020. Trust me, even THEY don't know how to get to it. I have been in conversation with their SM team on Twitter DMs since afternoon and they are all running helter-skelter. Surely, even without Covid, in normal times, people need previous FY's statements all the way till October-end of the next year. And this is the Coronavirus-walla year.

These people are so clueless that I can bet their tech team is the least paid, the most badly recruited, worst trained, and horribly managed (not led...there seems to be zero leadership here) team in the history of any app or service with more than a million users (Paytm claims around 400 million) second only to IRCTC, and THEY (IRCTC) are better now!

I have no clue what made Paytm and VSS so popular that he became the blue eyed boy and the product became such a hot one worth billions and billions of dollars. This is the worst ever example of a Made in India product and the best example of something we entrepreneurs absolutely loathe: The 'chaltaa hai' attitude.

Why do I say that? Because to many people I have spoke to, their justifications for the bad design are:
1. It has 400 million subscribers. Surely, they can't all be wrong and you right. (Yes, but cockroaches outnumber tigers, even then the tiger is our national animal)
2. It works, even with all the problems, in some way. Yes, there are bugs and crashes and so on, but who cares if they got their own brand name right. You are sick in the mind. You need to get tested for some kind of obsessive compulsive disorder. (But we see Steve Jobs as a hero then...why? Attention to detail...and it has nothing to do with where you are born or raised)
3. Apple money aur G pay ne kyaa ukhaad liyaa? Paytm is giving them a tough fight. (So? Does that mean we have to make do with bad design and user experience?)
4. Indian company hai yaar. Chalaa lo kaam. Yahaan itnaa hi chaltaa hai. Have you seen the CGI in Bolly wood as compared to Hollywood? Phir kyon expectations badhaaye pir rahe ho? (You are comparing apples to oranges. This is not about budgets. Movies are.)
5. Are you an anti-national? Do you want to use Chinese apps? (Paytm is now a Chinese owned now, by the way)
6. You are free to shift to another app. (I know. I will).

The honest truth is that:
1. We are proud of our 'chaltaa hai' attitude to such an extent, we even call it 'jugaad' and claim we gave that concept to the world. I hate that word. Even the 'Made Proudly In India' that came on the flash screen of Paytm at one time used to make me cringe because somehow, by association of nationality, it made me seem responsible for that piece of crap.
2. We treat users/customers like shit, and hence, user experience is not even on our priority list, forget being high up on the list.
3. We are happy being the medium sized fish in a small pond.
4. We only care about ends, never the means. If I am rich, even if I got there by selling a crappy product, it is my wealth that matters and not how I make it. That is why we have so much corruption in the smallest of the jobs even in such a country like ours.
5. We are 'alpa-santushti' meaning that we are happy, nay proudly so, of our limited vision and ambition. We claim we are humble. We are anything but. We are just a coward lot of people who are scared of calling out a rich man. We salute the rising sun and gladly show our backs to the setting one, without any other context or reference in play. Nothing about the man (mostly) on top matters to us except that he is on top. We are a cult-loving nation of personality worshippers. That explains everything from Robert Clive to Queen Victoria to Gandhi to Nehru to Modi to Ambani. We love a winner, no manner how s/he got there.

The prosecution rests!

Kshitij Patil

The app UI basically reflects the issues marring the Company as a whole. It's an identity crisis. The blatant desperation to make sense of their existence where The Government's agenda is too aligned with your vision and as a result has sort of launched a competitor platform to yours - Helping you and your competitors at the same time.
It's a desperation to make real money for the investors who threw caution to the wind, along with their Renminbis.

Shivam Malhotra


Its the zomato of fintech - kaam ki cheez ke ilava sab dikhta hai home pe!

They are yet to finalise what business do they really wish to focus on.Last week,they were entering into investments/brokerage services as well if I'm not wrong.I remember VSS once saying in an interview 'we do everything' (it was a Yourstory event if I'm not wrong).Though for a business that might not be a wrong thing to do but for users its a very messy situation to be in.

Wanted to integrate the wallet last month with our app and was shocked to know that they charge 2% per transaction for payouts into paytm wallet that too on a minimum transaction value of 10 Lakhs per month (transfer from our paytm business wallet to paytm wallet of our users).

Amit Baliga

the charges and minimum is a lot!

Shivam Malhotra

I know its a crazy amount especially when the whole transaction is happening inside your platform! Giving only UPI/NEFT/IMPS option now,payU ke charges were pretty decent.

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