Dhaval Wathare .

hey folks,
Any experience with Startupwala etc for registration / taxation services. Is it worth it ? Any good alternatives ?

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Dheeraj Mehndiratta

For co. Regn n taxation, offline mode is still best.

Dhaval Wathare

any specific reasons why ? cost ?

Dheeraj Mehndiratta

convenience, mostly online co.s have poor cust service plus you have to work yourself out regarding the docs they have asked to submit. With a professional in offline mode, person is always available to guide you at every step. No customer care shit

Sneha Sharma

We also first tried with online portals, but support was missing. Would always prefer offline mode for CA service. You can connect with Sandeep Sharma

Vikram Barandwal

Take quotes frm dem and go to a local ca/cs which will give u discount on dat😅

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