Rohan Ramgude .


Scope: Grocery Ordering and delivering per day.

Issue: Anyone knows any 3rd party CRM or Plugin for advanced order management or filter? :(

Basically, I need to filter orders based on

+ Name

+ Society

+ Price

(This normal filters on WP can do, but need something easy )

2) How can I automize the combined order I received till end of day to automatically go to the operations team?

Let's say : Monday night I Recieve all orders, how can it automatically go to the operations team on Tuesday Morning 9am?

Is there any way I can send the excel with custom filters to go to them automatically?

( Cause they don't need all info)

If anyone is into e-commerce and worked on something similar please help out.

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Agni Chatterjee

Are you looking for a free solution or paid?

Rohan Ramgude

if there's any software which resolves this would love to know that first before hiring a Developer who have spammed my inbox:)

Rohan Ramgude

my backend is WP and the front end is already done.

Agni Chatterjee

uhh custom work need custom solutions , you will need someone to do it for you properly , if you are planning to run any real business because you have to have someone who can handle bugs. Are you a developer or wordpress script ninja?

Arunaday Basu

Don't think there is an out of the box solution for this.

You will need to get a developer to do this.

Point 1 you will get plugins for the job. Point 2 - No.

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