Pankaj Mazumder .

Does anyone know how to build whatsapp chatbot for free ?

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Sidharth Rath

I think of some of the service providers for WhatsApp have chatbot builders for general use cases

Pankaj Mazumder

Yaa they charge . I wanted to know if there is any open source available for the same.

Sidharth Rath

But you’ll have to pay for the messages anyway right?

Nikhil Jain 

+1 for open source

Ra Ghu 

Nope, you need WhatsApp api which is very expensive

Abhi Jeet

No free lunches. Built a few, are quite expensive when used at scale. WA charges a fee + service provider fee per message.

Aditya Krishna 

Not free but check out Infobip.

Unais Ghadiyali 

Not possible for free as it's need WhatsApp api

Abhishek Nani 

Try Silferbots...

Vineet Nandan Gupta 

Yogesh Kothiya Bro... you have built chatbots for living... can you suggest the way to forward

Sai Krishna 

I can help you out but let me know your requirements?

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