Deepak Singh .

How to calculate the cost of an Instagram page before buying it?

What factors should one consider while determining the value of an IG page?

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Krishna Arora

1. Engagement rate

2. Activity

3. Niche

4. Check for comments if same people are commenting on posts with "" or "amazing" then engagement group has been used.

5. Average post reach check karlo stats maang ke

6. Average story views.

Check karlo account uska hei bhi ke nahi.

Also frauds are very common in this category beware of that.

In my opinion some market places are also shady.

Researching and finding is hard.

If possible koi product sell kiya ho toh uske stats maang lo.

Deepak Singh

Thanks for the elaborated approach! Can you explain me the 4th point in detail?

I did'nt get it!

Krishna Arora

basically people use engagement group where if you post a comment and like on their profile they do the same.

This messes your metrics as your post gets better reach but if you stop doing this then the average reach of your post is destroyed.

It is basically like steriods it gets you good reach but if you stop it then it will damage your account and your feedback mechanism is also ruined as your shitty posts will also get good reach some times potentially.

Usually they comment short comments that look fake or not put with much effort.

Swaroop Evani

Krishna Arora in short the "engagement" is just inflated... and the page may not actually be generating as much engagement as it appears too.

did I summarise it correctly?

Krishna Arora

Swaroop Evani yes and alongside it has a damaging effect on the account in the long run

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