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Getting fewer engagements in your articles?πŸ˜” Then you must read this article.πŸ‘ˆ

How to create an effective marketing strategy for LinkedIn...✨

Nowadays marketing in LinkedIn is not so easy people are posting numbers of posts per day. Standing out of the crowd in this scenario needs a proper strategy.

So, these are the strategies you must follow. To drive more engagements on your post.


  1. ⭐️ Content marketing should be a creative one.

Example: Hey, Entrepreneurs are you spending huge money on marketing. Then Guess what, we have good news for you guys.

2.. ⭐️ The starting line should be specified to the Audience plus have some questions or answers for them. Content should be around 600-700 Characters only revolving around product or service. Be clear i.e don’t use big words (keep it simple and to the point).

3.πŸ”₯ Should do proper market research by focusing on target customers /Audience

4. ⭐️ Add Bullet points and Emojis to make your content more attractive.

5. 🌟 The format based on the target market will be :

Addressing the Audience in the 1st line then their Benefits if any + About your service 1-2 line + Offer or some other information. + only Top 5 relevant Hashtags to be used+ Tag People in the comment section.

Now you know my secret of content marketing. Do leave a comment if you really liked my article...🀩🀩

Hope this article is helpful, do let me not in the comment box.😍😍

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