Faisal Zia Anwer .

Noob question, but I need some help here.

For an internal reason I require 10 SIM cards for company account. The telecom guys asked for a ' Company letter head' for the same.

Where do I get that from?
Can you guys give me suggestions?

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Jason Samuel

It's your company letterhead.

Faisal Zia Anwer

So do I get it made myself or do I get it from some authorities or what?

Dilip Sharma

Faisal Zia Anwer yourself

Faisal Zia Anwer

Dilip Sharma Thanks a lot

Karishma Jumani

Faisal Zia Anwer your company letter head is simply your company name and address and CIN and logo if any mentioned in distinctive font on top of the letter that you generally would use for all communication. You can make it yourself in word by placing all of it in the header of the word doc.

Faisal Zia Anwer

Dilip Sharma Can u tell me what all info needs to be put in there?

Dilip Sharma

Faisal Zia Anwer This should help https://www.canva.com/templates/search/letterheads/

Karishma Jumani

Faisal Zia Anwer company name, logo, registered address, CIN and phone/ email

Jason Samuel

Don't forget the company seal that they would want for you to stamp and sign

Shashank Srinivas

If I'm not wrong, it's just your company letterhead. The letterhead will include your registered name and address, tin no. etc.

Faisal Zia Anwer

Understood. So it can be printed by me as well? with all the relevant info or do I get it from some authority online?

Shashank Srinivas

Yes printed by you. It's a document you make for your company.
If you need help with putting together a design quickly, I can help with that.

Olivia Deka

You can design your company letterhead yourself. :) You don't need it from any authority

Mansi Rastogi

Make it yourself. Make it into a digital letterhead or take a print on your computer. They don't really care. Put a stamp on it you have an official letter written.

Vivekananda Rongali

Dude use canva.com or something to design your own letterhead. Info required on your letter head

1. Your Pvt ltd CIN number

2. Office address

3. Company mail and phone number

4. Company name and logo on top.

You will find sample's there.

Vinayak Kejriwal

You can create it yourself from Google Docs or Canva, type the content, print it and attest it with the concerned person's signature and company's stamp.

Try printing it in a different form of paper, like if you can find a paper which is a little thicker than the normal A4 then that would be better.

Aditya Bhatia

They need your company's letterhead.

Letterheads don't require any authority's involvement.

You can create one in word/doc by adding your company's name and logo in the header section and contact information and other details in the footer.

You can search for letter head templates in Google for reference.

Sushant Shekhar

On canva, search for letterhead templates

Shitij Malhotra

dont go the canva, or template route...because you dont need to waste time for such random letters...

just goto word / google docs

on top write your company name (proprietorship name, or just your name, doesnt matter)

Address, Phone, Email, website (if any)

If you have PAN, GST put any or both

if you are Pvt Ltd. then you need to put CIN

if you have a logo, you can add it

Increase font size of name and you are done..

at the bottom put your company stamp (properitor or partner or director )

any time any body asks, you can quickly create it again and again

Kapil Agarwal

Microsoft word

Arbab Usmani

khud bana lo canva ya word me, bas header me company ka logo and info hota hai

Vishal Dahiya

It's nothing but your company letterhead along with the required details and signed by the authorised person from the company (ie you), along with the stamp.

This is simply to prove that the requirement is genuine.

Manish Chauhan

Just take a letterhead template from the web. Type whatever you want. Convert to PDF and print it. That's it. There you go - your official letter is ready.

Faisal Zia Anwer

It also requires the company stamp. Wo to Noida mei hai mera. WFH ke chakkar mei wo whi choot gya

Manish Chauhan

Get a local stamp made. Costs 250 rs in urgent mode. They give it in 30 mins.

Faisal Zia Anwer

whi krre hai ab:)
Can u give me an idea of what all info should go on a company stamp which is imprinted on a letterhead?

Manish Chauhan

Name. Address. CIN. GST No. Contact. Email. Are essential.

did you get it sorted ?

Faisal Zia Anwer

Thanks for ur suggestions. Appreciate it:)

Shivam Malhotra

I guess you dont have a pvt limited company? Because then you wouldnt have asked this question.If yes,then you should ask the telecom provider whether they would consider you as a corporate client or not.

Samin Rafique

Design using Canva or through a graphic designer

And if I'm not wrong you aren't a registered company yet then ask the telecom provider will they consider you a corporate client?

In most cases they don't ask for anything beyond letterhead have done with Airtel a couple of years back but they also asked for company's pan card and one more doc

Harshad Moray

It should be a part of your branding kit from day one. It is an important format.

Ask designer to get it created for you!

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