Aditya Raja .

[Need help] Need to learn how to develop landing pages quickly. Not willing to put a lot of resource around. Solutions please?

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Aditya Soni

Try wix. Com

Punit Gandhi

Wix is the way to go. I could develop my landing page in a day without knowing anything about website design.

Aditya Raja

how explain

Punit Gandhi

so they have a lot of templates that you can use based on your requirements. Choose one of those and customise it for your needs.
I believe basic functions can come up in a day and than you can refine it over time.

Sahil Popli

Elementor for wordpress

Amit Khandelwal

Check brizy cloud website

Adithya Shreshti

Check this out, I have put together a few recommendations that will get you started even if you don't know how to code:)

Shubhendu Singh

GitHub repo
with a copied landing page code from somewhere on the web
with bit of your content

Sayan Saha

Use WordPress with Any theme [Astra recommend] + elementor page can make decent landing pages in less than 2-3Hrs..

Krishna Arora

Click funnels lelo kisi ka template chaap do.
Expensive method though.

Ashish Tiwari

Mailchimp is your answer! They have landing page as a product.

Anuj Kushwanshi


Kartik Raichura


Nikhil Jain

Amazing Solution but may be paid - Google. unicornplatform

Dhaval Wathare

I'm building a tool for this purpose.

Makes landing pages on the cloud using good looking free to use templates, for a small one-time fee instead of subscription. Scales excellent & free hosting for upto 5-10 Lakh hits per month. Minimal costs thereafter (thx to cloud free tiers). You own / edit everything and are not locked in to any platform or cloud.

Till the tool is made, I can do it manually for you. Let me know.

Nitul Shah

I made my personal landing page using the same. Lmk ur thoughts

Apurva Mudgal

Try webflow
I made with it yesterday only.Took me ~2 hours to understand how it works and then it was pretty quick

There is also elegant themes for WordPress. They have good templates. I used it for a previous landing page. It's was good too

Somya Jain

Use mail chimp they have an option of making free Landing page with fantastic template

Parag Patle

unbounce! We create numerous landing pages on it. It hardly takes 3-4 hours.

also check out elementor - its very simple to use!

Shabia Ravi Walia

Getresponse. Easy and cheap. Have also done a tutorial on this. Readymade templates u can just use as per your needs. I use it. U can not only make landing pages, build email lists but also conversion funnels and work flow automations.

Abhishek Gupta

All of them provide landing page builder

Rahul Flint Can set up a landing page in few minutes❤️

Himanshu Maurya

WordPress + elementor pro. Easy and fast with in built templates and blocks.

Rahul Rajvanshi

Web flow is good

Karthik Devan, disclosure: we made this.

Navin Pareek,

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