Sahil Jain .

Hello fellow Pushstarters,

Well this might sound genuine, but I have found question being answered here. So, with high hopes, here's mine :

My team and me are trying really hard to revamp CA Foundation Education sector. But the segment is too unorganized and is too focused on providing bookish knowledge. But this sounds too broken, right !
So, we are facing these two issues upon which we need your help :
1. How to drive more right audience (i.e. Students of Class 12) to our Youtube Channel so that students do know our quality ?

2. How to drive students from YT channel to website ?

A bit about how we are revamping the sector : Lots of students struggle in Intermediate and Final Stage, all because they do not get their Foundations correct. Plus, the CA degree is esteemed enough yet CA's do need to upgrade their skills and diverse out to varied fields. We have tried to create an ecosystem that enhances student's skills over a period of time. For more about that, we could discuss in comments or DM.

YT Channel :

Website :

P.S.: Help spread a few word among CA teens in your connect 🙈

Open to all of your ideas. 😬

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Arbab Usmani 

Post good content

Sahil Jain

We are improving the quality. But are unable to reach the right audience.

Arbab Usmani 

Youtube is a long term, before going for audience have good amount of content.

Make an issue tree on possible ways you can reach your audience

May be it is email, forum, whatsapp group, wa broadcast, telegram, Youtube SEO, Youtube ads, bloggers embedding your video, Facebook community, email list, Twitter, Instagram stories etc.

You need to figure out where your audience is

The best way is to go to a college of such student and ask them directly and take feedback on forms

This will define plateform

The communication line you have to figure out throughout your journey

Sahil Jain

Sounds good. Thank you

This explanation is indeed helpful

Arbab Usmani 

You can use this tutorial to make issue tree

The issue tree will sort your lots of problem

Sarita Hegde

I think the major problem what most of the students face is the lengthy chapters and shortage of time , so if you can explain something in synopsis I think it will help a lot

Sahil Jain

Can put up summary ones. But if I put up condesed videos of lessons, it might affect their learning adversely.

Sarita Hegde

yes agree but some of the chapters in CA are like can be explained in shorter way by explaining fundamentals but they have been confused with long paras ....that at times looking at it only u start getting confused😄

Giri Thiyagarajan

Create WhatsApp telegram study group.. Post your videos and website link there.. Write quality blog content on why opportunities in ca field, challenges faced to get into ca field, what all talent one needs to develop and so on..

Sahil Jain

Thanks. Will surely start doing that. We are doing it in a miniature form but will develop it from now on

Giri Thiyagarajan

Also current generation no longer uses fb. Target them in twitter insta.. If there are any ca forums stay active there answering queries..

Also see if you can have micro influencers. And make a video of those ppl sharing their ca journey..

Sahil Jain

This sounds interesting

Could quora be an addition to that ?

Giri Thiyagarajan

Yes you can search and answer all ca related queries in quora. May not see result immediately but could be organic over long run.. Create a fb page, tweets regualry saying tid bits after few frequently used ca terms and debunking myth facts..

Sahil Jain

Haven't explored Twitter yet. Will surely give it a try. Thank you so much.:)

Nitesh Raj

 Ran a very successful setup for MBA prep sometime ago. Education is a sector I am very passionate about. I'm a brand manager at a fintech startup. DM me if you're inclined towards a conversation. Happy to have a discussion on these problem statements

Girish Khaitan

Follow the growth of unacademy. Try and follow a similar path for a start.

10-15 high quality content will bring in a lot of people. Students pay a lot for CA tuitions good videos will spread like wildfire in sure course of time.

Sahil Jain

Yes Girish

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