Diptesh Das .

15+ clients from across 12 countries of the world in less than one month.








Russia, US, Australia, Canada, Dubai, India, Sweden, South Africa, New Zealand, Hungary, Ukrain, Isael!

6+ clients in queue due to over load of work from the former leads.

No paid ads! No digital marketing or SEO. Nothing at all.

Just proper hunting across the well known Social Media Platform called Facebook.

The above sentence isn’t any clickbait, of course, but it is based on a real-time case study that I’m going to share with you.

It’s a modified version of Messenger Pitching that will make you land on 90% sure prospects.

Without wasting words or time, let's hop into it.

  1. The first step in doing this pitch is to get into groups that might contain your probable prospects.

    Being a writer, I shifted my focus for the time being, from corporate company owners t website owners, since I found that these website dealers require a constant flow of Content.

    Why? Because for them, Content is Money.

    I researched it, understood their business and started searching for some such groups. And, finally, I got two or three such groups whose majority contains Europeans, Americans and Aussies.

    Which means those groups were going to be my gold mine!

2) The next step is to have a keen, distant vision and good observation capability. For example, a group may have 40k members, but not all of them can be your prospects because many people enter the group just to get knowledge or updates.

Be picky! And find who actually can be your clients.

How to do that?

I followed the posts of different people. Selling websites or commenting on posts. I carefully observe who all are related to the business as not everyone’s comments are relevant.

I saw their comments and found that oh, this guy owns a website or owns a team of writers.


Now that you’ve figured out your prospect, you’re ready to move on to the pitch.

3) The third step, which is another crucial one, is to frame your opening message.

TBH, foreign clients don’t have time to go through BS as every day, a majority of them received thousands of pitches from the service provider of third world countries.

So you need to give them the reason to click open your message by showing some genuineness.

Given below is my opening message that worked like a charm!

Hey <Name of the person>! How are you doing? Picked you up from <Group name for authority and genuineness> group

I have an offer for you if you have a minute to listen me out!”

And to my surprise, this message has got more than 70% open rate on Messenger!

The last step? It depends on you and your convincing capability. For your reference, I have put the screenshots of one of my recent deal closure. (please see all of them in proper sequence!)

Note: Don’t blindly follow my messages as every one of you has different targets from various industries, so what worked for me may not work for you!

What are your thoughts on the above demonstration? Have you ever tried something like this?

P.S: I have other quick deal closures as well, but I wanted to show you a recent, practical example of convincing and closing.

Credit: Pro-Riterz

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Vishnu Vardhaan

This is a slap to everyone who said organic is dead. There's extraordinary number of ways to do things on social today. This is it. It's all about adding incredible value. Great tips, great job brother.🙌🙏

Diptesh Das

 thanks a lot brother🙂 Appreciate it🙂

Giri Thiyagarajan

nice pitch👍👍am just curious abt this client business, you need not answer if it's confidential. Is he making money just with a website and posting articles in that?

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