Prathmesh Dixit .

Anybody has reference on where I will be able to export contacts from my WhatsApp groups? I do not want to manually save individual contact details from groups but would like to have a list of contacts for future broadcasts !

Any help would be appreciated ! Phone app, desktop app or any DIY ! All welcome 

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Ansha Dixit

If an export of all numbers in excel works I can help:)

Mohammed Abdul Rafay

There is some plugin available in chrome, you need to login whatsapp on web use the plugin for exporting contact's.

Prathamesh Dixit

I think I got it !!! Probably, I will create a new post of how to extract contacts from WhatsApp. However my question is changing now ! lol ...

I just noticed that I will not be able to broadcast message on WhatsApp to people who are not saving my numbers. Now anybody has solution on this ?

Harsh Kansagara

Ask them to subscribe you by sending an initial message like "Join". They'll have to save your contact for that.

Prathamesh Dixit

Again I guess I will need individual message trigger to ask them join right ? The task would be bigger with the kind of audience to 1000 + unfortunately.

Harsh Kansagara

Let me know if you need any help😊

Prathamesh Dixit

Hey.. this is extreamly promising product.. !!! I must congratulate you for this.

However I am looking for solution which will not look out for an investment. All I need is a export of my targeted contacts in WhatsApp to whom I can trigger broadcastmessage later. Be it related to my blog post or any service. My business will not be running on WhatsApp but will need it as quick platform of interaction & marketing within my circle.

Hope it makes sense. Let me know if its doable in offered free services of whatshash please. I am unable to understand everything on website.. not so techie:P:)

Thanks !

Harsh Kansagara

Thanks😊Well, contact export is paid feature, so it won't work in your case. If it's a one time task, let me know. I can enable it for you for sometime😃

Prathamesh Dixit

Thats sweet of you for going beyond the services offered. I will definitely give it a thought, will go through your services and look for the right fit opportunity:):)

Ishu Bansal

we created android application which can extract group members and export to CSV, send bulk whatsapp message

Whatsapp auto sender. Not uploaded on playstore though.

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