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4 ways to find the right niche for your OnlineBusiness

One of the most fundamental principles of OnlineMarketing is to focus on it.
Focus on your target audience, focus on your communication route, and focus on your strategy.

Some models can help you go through this process more effectively.

Mega Authority
One way to create a niche for your online business is to differentiate! This means being simply bigger and more comprehensive than anyone else in the market. This model is more or less about exceptional quality and mastery.

Professional Authority
Creating a niche at the professional edge is something you can opt for if you have the stellar ability to create the content of the right quality. This model is more or less about expertise.

Category Authority
Under this model, you create authority by specializing in one category to offer to your niche. This model will help you carve a different specialized set of audience for your online business. This model is more or less about differentiation.

Identity Authority
One way to stand out in your identified niche is by establishing authority based on identity. This model is more or less about outlooks, attitudes, and expressions

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