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Or are you paying more than 5% of the lifetime value of the prospect for acquiring the lead?This post got you covered.I will be talking about mistakes that most people do while creating Facebook Ads that should avoid.1. Not targeting the right age groupI am selling a course for 12-16-year-old kids, everyone out there is targeting their parents.But my target age group is 21-35-year-old people, they are definitely not the kid's parent.But their siblings, and I am getting leads for as low as 19 INR and the conversion rate is over 12%.2. Not testing enough creativesI use both images, videos, carousels, and gifs in each of my #campaigns, and trust me it has always done wonders for me.3. Not aware of the correct strategy to scale your adsI increase my ad budget by 10-15% every 3 days, this strategy is consistently lowering my overall cost per lead.Are you doing any of these #mistakes?And if you are among those few people who are doing it right but still unable to get leads, feel free to leave a comment.

This is my first post in the group, would love some feedback.

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Mohit Dalal

Your conversation rate is awesome over 12% but lead rate is 19 is pretty expensive I think soo I am also running ads for travel company and there lead rate is 5.67 INR and conversation rate is about 4-5%

Vinayak Kejriwal

Minimum ticket price is 6k in my case.

And I am running 8 campaigns as of now, the CPL is ranging between 8 INR to 32 INR.

Plans starts from 6k and goes upto 60k INR.

What is the average ticket size in your case?

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