Aishit Jain .

2k views on my first video on Youtube in 2 days! 🔥

That too organic!! ▶️

I am not a Youtuber, but I know how difficult it is to get views on a channel that is new and has no subscribers

But as I always believe, experimentation is the key.
I wanted to experiment with youtube hence I made a video recently.

What were my learnings?

🎯 Identify what's trending. Your idea can be based on something that is receiving big hits. (But don't try to force it, it's terrible)
If it is something people are facing trouble with recently and you cracked how to solve it, go go go!!

🎯 Youtube SEO. Yes, SEO works everywhere.
This works like a charm. Identify the right keywords, video tags.

🎯 Identify your target audience.
This element is vital in all the fields of marketing. They may be professionals, gamers, college kids, anyone and everyone!

🎯 After you have identified your target audience, you have to explore the right channels to reach them.
Find out how to approach your target audience. A lot of research involved here. Maybe a comment thread on Facebook or Twitter :P

And done, you are all set to break your records.

Want to add something else?

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Naveen Dhana Lak

So you have posted your video in relevant channels and threads to get organic reach ?

Aishit Jain

I tried to identify the threads who were actually facing that problem.

Garv Malik

8 lakh organic views on first video. Par kabhi ghamand nahi kia. . .because below average in category. Now the channel is dead. Any revival tips would be appreciated

Ankit Ladia 

To see results on YT, You have to be consistent

Garv Malik

havent uploaded since 1.5 years. can upload now but being consistent is hard, especially don't know when new shows would happen. However, should I just upload a new video for revival or is there anything else I can do before that

Aishit Jain

Would love to see some more standup comedy stuff🙌

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