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Few recommendations on what startups need to do post-COVID19 to ensure growth:

A few key takeaways from the YourStory Media Interview, by Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma of Venture Catalysts.

✅ A strategic & well-devised approach is required for startups to revive in the post-COVID-19 era

✅ Sale cycles, avg deal sizes might increase & decrease respectively

✅ Re-evaluate your business strategy

✅ Companies with sustainable business models will likely have an advantage over others

✅ The ecosystem will only have space for innovative startups that solve real-life problems.

Other key points to be noted:

>Aviation, travel & tourism, hospitality, real estate, and logistics are among the sectors that have been impacted the most by the pandemic.

>The impact on investment for early-stage startups is comparatively low and short term

A very interesting read: https://yourstory.com/…/startups-revise-business-plans-cut-…

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