Shreya Chauhan .

Building Your...Self Esteem

If you would like to build your self-esteem, remember to love yourself daily...that's your First step.

Many people don’t practice building self-esteem daily because they don’t realize that it’s something that they can learn to do, no matter what experiences they have had in life.

The key to starting the process is to recognize that self-esteem, self love, self worth whatever you feel drawn to calling it is a seed that grows if you water it.

How do you begin to grow your self-esteem ?

You start by recognizing that you deserve to be loved. You deserve to love yourself.

Remember Affirm Declare Deserve and Allow are the steps we spoke in an earlier post.

If u have forgotten please scroll up to earlier post.

Sounds like such a simple thing to do, right ?

The truth is: one of the things we struggle with the most in life is being true to ourselves. When we have been hurt in the past, we sometimes hide parts of ourselves so we can protect ourselves from being hurt again.

One of the reasons I talk about loving yourself is that when we practice loving ourselves, we develop a certain trust that brings us closer to being true to ourselves.

For some of us, this is easier said than done. If you’re finding that you’re saying or doing things just to appease others, then you’re denying your soul’s purpose.

You’re denying yourself happiness.

This morning, I encourage you to practice loving yourself often, because it’s the best way to get closer to who you are.

Begin to Trust Yourself
Many times we find that we’re unsure of ourselves. We constantly second guess our decisions, or we make them based on others around us. Why are we so willing to trust others, but not ourselves ?

You are a unique, beautiful soul....aren't you ?

It can be difficult to not suppress your true self in a world that is so quick to judge or compare you to others. We learn from our culture or parents, and we start to judge ourselves constantly, because that’s what we’re taught.

That is no way to live a happy and loving life. You’ll constantly be chasing something that is untrue to your Divine being.

Build your self-esteem today...in fact right now...with Faith Feelings Meanings Focus.

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Piyush Soni

But don't you think self esteem comes with the way we live and in what enviornment we live??
According to me it also depends on upbringing of a person as well, how confidently he was bought up into this world and how well he understood the consensus of this world!!
What are your views on that?

Shreya Chauhan

completely agree but is also on individual perception,isn't it

Piyush Soni 

Yes, you are correct🙂

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