Vishnu Vardhaan .

A few months ago, we had delayed a delivery for the client.

Tempers were flaring within the team. 🙇‍♂️

Everyone was blaming everyone else.

So, that afternoon, I called for a meeting.

'Too many orders to fulfil, so we weren't to get this shipment out in time,' the ops team person complained.

'Why?' I asked.

'Orders weren't communicated to us until the last moment.'

'Why?' I asked, turning to the support team. 💁‍♂️

'He wasn't available,' she said.


'She had given me a call. I didn't have the phone with me.' the ops person said.



'Why?' I asked again.

'Sir, my wife had a fight with me this morning, I was angry.'

I smiled.

'Did you apologize?'


'Do it right now.' 🙋‍♂️

Many times, the reason for a situation is not actually what you think it is.

What was indeed a personal issue, reared its head as a professional folly.

It is unavoidable.

Personal issues will overlap professions many times.

We have to be empathetic.

In every difficult situation, you have to try to find the root cause.

I get my team to solve the root cause by asking a series of 'why' questions.

Solve for the root cause, and you will have a team that thrives. 🙆‍♂️

It’s easy to blame someone else, and assume the problem is outside of yourself.

But, many times the 'root' issue is usually buried somewhere deep within you.

How do you handle tempers that run through a team?

Would love to know your style of handling these issues.

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Jeet Parekh

Shouldnt a person not let interfere such things?🤔🤔

In my opionion this is not a good sign on part of employee.

Aditya Krishna

If you believe personal lives can’t bleed into profession you have a very wrong expectation from employees

Vishnu Vardhaan

Jeet Parekh there is absolutely no way that personal lives won't overlap with professions.

Jeet Parekh

ideally one should keep both the fromt seperate. Thats what is meant by professionalism

Vishnu Vardhaan 

Jeet Parekh we aren't robots. We are humans. 😊

Pranav Agarwal 

we aren’t in an ideal world

Christopher John

Uhm Vishnu. This falls under harassment. You have no right to pry into the personal lives of your employees and give them unsolicited advice on their marriage life. By asking the person the continuous why question you forced your own employee into a position where he was forced to reveal details about his personal life.

This was extremely unethical.

Swathi Krishnan YesPeopletainment

Thank You Sharing it with a Story : Such people like me would understand and excute as well when face similar situations

This is possible only when you walk the talk


Sandeep Balaji

Some how from your writing style I can think of two people I know in the last 2-3 years who turned to be good clean story tellers. One specifically around business and he went on to break the back of the LinkedIn algorithm:)

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